Xbox Cloud Gaming (formerly the Project xCloud) is a fantastic alternative for people who cannot buy or even access the latest games equipment made by Microsoft.

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Microsoft is expected to let gamers play games on xCloud using the keyboard and the mouse.

Instead, it allows you to play the most recent games on older Xbox consoles, like Microsoft Flight Simulator. Microsoft continually releases new games and updates to Xbox Cloud Gaming, making the service more accessible. The next update will likely bring a much-anticipated improvement that includes keyboard and mouse support.

To use Xbox Cloud Gaming, users must have an internet-connected device or a computer connected to a controller (some games come with control via touchscreen). However, Microsoft hopes to make Xbox Cloud Gaming available for gamers without controllers by enabling mouse and keyboard functions within compatible matches. Jorg Neumann, the director of Microsoft Flight Simulator, announced the plans. Microsoft Flight Simulator revealed the upcoming change during an earlier Q&A on YouTube.

It is vital to keep in mind that the support for keyboard and mouse inputs will be an upgrade to the platform, which will allow it to be utilized in a range of Xbox game titles, not only Microsoft Flight Simulator. Also, Xbox Cloud Gaming is based on Xbox consoles; not all games can accept keyboard or mouse inputs, even though most games already have the required enhancements.

Keyboard and mouse compatibility in Xbox Cloud Gaming is a significant improvement that opens up the world of more than 100 titles to a broader audience of players, in particular users who have lower-end computer systems or machines that don’t have games installed. Be aware that Xbox Cloud Gaming requires an active¬†Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription¬†and an active Internet internet connection.

Unfortunately, Jorg Neumann could not provide specific dates or timelines. However, Microsoft is likely to test support for mice and keyboards via its Xbox Insiders program before expanding it to the general public.

If you’re hoping to try the most recent version, Microsoft Flight Simulator will be delighted to learn that the developers plan to implement control via the touchscreen. This means you’ll be able to play Microsoft Flight Simulator on your tablet or smartphone without needing an additional compatible controller, which is essential for now.