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Messenger & Facebook Groups Are Getting Community Chats

Meta has announced that a new Feature

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Meta has announced that a new Feature, the so-called ‘Community Chats’, is coming to Messenger and Facebook Groups. Meta says that this Feature is supposed to “let people connect more deeply with communities in real time around the topics they care about in multiple formats, including text, audio and video”.

Both Messenger & Facebook Groups are getting ‘Community Chats’

What does that mean for you? Well, you’ll be able to create a community, essentially, and start chatting in it, create audio channels, and so on. You’ll, of course, also be able to join other communities and do the same thing.

This is basically supposed to help you connect to other people that are into the same topic(s) as you are. Meta is also offering you several ways of communicating with those people, in addition to text, you can utilize both audio and video ways of communication.

If this sounds suspiciously like a combination of Facebook Messenger and Facebook Groups, well, it does to us as well. It basically seems like a hybrid product of sorts.

Now, the admin of a specific Community Chat will have specific tools. Those tools will allow him/her to create an easy-to-navigate Community Chat. In other words, he’ll be able to place certain topics in their own categories.

This way, you’ll find it really easy to find and tap on a conversation you’d like to participate in. Admins will also be able to customize that chat, design-wise. So we’re guessing they’ll be able to alter the background, accents, and so on.

Admins will have a ton of options, including those for moderation

Further options are available for admins. They’ll be able to create an admin-only chat, a voice-only chat, a view-only chat (to share messages with participants without them replying to them), and so on.

Needless to say, moderating tools will also be at your disposal. Admins will be able to block, mute, and suspend members of each community.

The Community Chats will start rolling out in the coming weeks, to Messenger first, it seems. Meta did not mention if it will be coming to both platforms (Android and iOS) at the same time, but chances are it will.

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