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Meet the Fuel Rats, the fearless space paramedics of Elite Dangerous

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fatima khan
fatima khan
A brand new writer in the fields, Fatima has been taken under my electric spark's RGB- rich and ensures she doesn't engage in excessive snark on the website. It's unclear what command and Conquer are; however, she can talk for hours about the odd rhythm games, hardware, product reviews, and MMOs that were popular in the 2000s. Fatima has been creating various announcements, previews, and other content while here, but particularly enjoys writing regarding Products' latest news in the market she's currently addicted to. She is likely talking to an additional blogger with her current obsession right now.

The Rats will pluck you from the void.

The galaxy of Elite Dangerous is 100,000 light years across: a replica of the Milky Way shrunken down to fit on your PC, yet still as incomprehensibly vast as outer space. In Elite you can be a trader, an adventurer, an explorer—or the special kind of explorer who sets out to reach the very edges of the galaxy, setting the record for the furthest distance traveled from the Sol system. That kind of ambition doesn’t always work out, and when it doesn’t you may wind up adrift in deep space with no fuel to get you home. That’s when you call the Fuel Rats.

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