SpeakersMarshall's new Bluetooth speakers offer even better sound, same...

Marshall’s new Bluetooth speakers offer even better sound, same ultra-cool looks


Marshall is bringing the group back together once more and has three of its most popular Bluetooth speaker models receiving enhanced sound quality and an eco-friendly overhaul.

At first look it appears that the newly-designed Acton III, Stanmore III and Woburn III appear pretty like their predecessors from four years ago however, behind the signature checked grille cloth , you’ll discover many improvements.

With tweeters that are angled upwards, as well as updated waveguides that provide more spacious sound, the new model includes a brand new Placement Compensation feature. If they function as designed this could turn them into an effective challenger to the most powerful Bluetooth headphones.

Marshall Woburn III in modern living room
The Marshall Woburn III is a fairly big speaker, for fairly big sound. (Image credit: Marshall)

They are likely operating similarly in the same way as Sonos’ TruePlay sound correction technology, which is also available on Sonos Move and the Sonos Roam, as well as the Sonos, Roam speakers. The speakers check the distance to reflective surfaces nearby that could impact the sound. They afterwards automatically adjust the EQ profile.

The range is also equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, a 3.5mm input, and Dynamic Loudness, a built-in feature that adjusts the balance of tones based on how loud it can be to give a more natural sound.

The latest models continue to take inspiration from the style of the iconic stack speaker that has been the backbone of famous guitarists from Jimi Hendrix to Slash for over 60 years.

  • Marshall Stanmore III
The Marshall Stanmore III is a mid-size speaker, for powerful sound that doesn’t take over the room. (Image credit: Marshall)

Complete with finishes that resemble Tolex and Marshall’s famous brass control knobs and its trademark script, these new models are built without PVC. The company claims that every speaker is made from 70 per cent recycled plastic and 100% vegan-friendly materials.
The bookshelf-friendly Acton III is the smallest of the three at $279 / PS239, with 260x 170x 150 millimetres dimensions. However, it still includes a 30W Class D amplifier for the bass and two 15-Watt Class-D amplifiers to power the tweeters.
The slightly more significant but similar specifications Stanmore III comes in $379 PS329, but it has a greater bass-end output due to a more robust 50 Watt amplifier to its woofer.
The top model, the Woburn III, includes an HDMI connection, meaning you can use it to connect to your TV to stream audio. And it costs $579/PS499.
Each model is available in brown, white, or black options and goes on sale on the 23rd of June.


Marshall Acton III
The Marshall Action III is the smallest of the bunch, and is ideal for a desktop or bedside table. (Image credit: Marshall)

Analysis: New Marshall’s style is set to be rockier

We were amazed by the new generation Acton, Stanmore and Woburn home speakers when they appeared on the shelves in the year 2018 and into 2019.

Their blend of traditional rock style and an u nflinchingly strong sound will surely have earned the approval of Lemmy’s late friend.

If there were an area they could have made improvements in their sound, the sound, it’s the lack of clarity, but this is something Marshall seems to be trying to solve by extending the soundstage with the new models.

There is no Wi-Fi built-in, and consequently, not having an intelligent assistant feature, the main concern is whether their headline audio quality is good enough to justify their high costs compared to top wireless speakers available today.

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