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Everything has a place in Cult Of The Lamb, even poop.

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fatima khan
fatima khan
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Massive Monster and Devolver Digital’s Cult of the Lamb let players play the role of the Lamb. This cute cult leader and harbinger of doom are saved from death by The One Who Waits. Players embark on crusades through random dungeons to find new followers and other resources for their cult.

A shepherd is nothing without a flock. It would help if you then indoctrinated new followers back home. These can be customized, built-in new structures, and given great sermons in the temple. This will allow you to draw power from your followers and become more vital for your next crusade.

You must ensure that your followers are healthy and believe in you to run a productive and successful cult. You must meet their needs, or they will be unhappy and turn against you. They need somewhere to sleep at night, grow crops, and cook food to keep them happy and healthy.
Make sure to clean up their poop.

It is essential to get rid of what goes in! Followers will dump waste, which can lead to illness and death. In the beginning, it will be the responsibility of the humble Lamb to keep your community clean and tidy. As the cult grows, you’ll unlock structures that are easier to maintain and eventually autonomous. Outhouses provide privacy for followers and allow them to conduct their business. Janitor stations let you give your followers the responsibility of maintaining the space that you don’t have.



Do you remember the crops that were grown? Don’t waste it! The poop you collect can be used as fertilizer to increase farm yield and produce juicy bumper crops. You can set up a farmer station with some silos, and your followers will help you plant and fertilize new seeds. You should let your cult members do all the hard work, just like the mighty Lamb. Poop can be used for culinary experimentation… but that’s not something anyone would do.

Everything has a place in Cult of the Lamb, even poop
Cult of the Lamb is out on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 Aug 11.

[This article first appeared on the PlayStation blog]

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