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Malware could affect over one billion Google Play Store app downloads.

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Before starting you should know about what is malware.

Banking apps that are part of Android platform users are available for more than one billion downloads. According to a report released by the mobile security company Zimperium each of them is at risk from trojans that can be dangerous.

The company looked at more than 600 financial apps as well as ten trojan families of banking trojans that target these apps and found that the most targeted application for mobile banking can be found in”BBVA Spain Spanish “BBVA Spain | Online Banking” app, which is downloaded more than ten millions times.

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This application targets six of the top 10 most popular trojan malware.

The mobile banking experience and the crypto

In the United States, 121 financial apps, with over 280 million downloads, are being targeted. In Europe, the United Kingdom and Italy are the following two countries targeted as per reports that 53 and 43 apps are targeted in the respective.

The report also revealed that “traditional” banking apps don’t attract criminals because they prefer more modern technology-based solutions. However, apps that concentrate on mobile payment, or cryptocurrencies, are extremely well-known. The top three financial apps for mobile affected by this type of malware control other assets.

The teapot has been the busiest trojan for banking, being used against the 410 programs of 600 analyzed. At the same time, ExobotCompact.D, also known as Octo, was the most seasoned one, having been first identified five years ago.

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“Not every trojan targeting mobile and banking apps is created equal – they’re disseminated differently, use different exploitation techniques, and vary in other degrees of reach and sophistication,” said Nico Chiaraviglio, VP of Security Research at Zimperium. “We’ve seen ad hoc reports of different banking trojans over the past few years, and anecdotally, people may have recognized that they’re increasing in scope and frequency.”

The importance of protecting your digital devices by using security against malware and firewall solutions has never been more critical.

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