PlayStation NewsMadcap modders have ported PS2 platformer Jak and Daxter...

Madcap modders have ported PS2 platformer Jak and Daxter to PC


Emulation is impressive work, often the only route to preserving games, but in recent years some skilled programmers have started tackling full-on decompilations of classic games so that they can be studied and played on newer hardware. Now a team has taken on and managed the shocking task of porting Jak and Daxter, Naughty Dog’s PS2-era action game, to a form that works on the PC. 

Recent comparable projects have taken on Super Mario 64 (opens in new tab) and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (opens in new tab). Unlike those projects, however, Jak and Daxter wasn’t written in widely-understood programming language C. Its code was written in a dialect of Lisp, already a language with fewer programmers, called GOAL that was developed in-house by Naughty Dog. So you’re talking about an all-but-lost programming language that’s based on another rather rare language. 

fatima khan
fatima khan
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