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Lost Ark Twitch drops: what they are and how to get them

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Lost Ark Twitch drops are in-game rewards for the free-to-play MMO you can earn by watching participating streamers, usually those who are members of the Lost Ark creators program, via Twitch. (Or by having their streams open in another tab while you should be working, if that’s how you roll. I’m not the boss of you.)

Those players you’ve probably seen zooming around Arkesia on the top of golden electric hoverboards while accompanied by pets that look like mystical foxes earned them from earlier Twitch drops given away to celebrate Lost Ark’s launch. More items have been given away regularly since.

With this guide, you’ll be able to score sweet free loot just just like those high-flying fancypants. You’re welcome.

What Lost Ark Twitch drops are available?

The next Twitch drops promotion begins on October 8. This one lets you earn a Legendary Rapport Selection Chest and 1,000 Amethyst Shards. Opening a Legendary Rapport Selection Chest lets you choose a gift to give to any of Lost Ark’s affinity characters. Here’s a handy rapport guide to help you choose who to shower with gifts and affection. If you’re on the long Nineveh gift grind, good luck!

Amethyst shards are a currency normally earned via achievements like winning a PvP match or accruing 50 friends, although they’re also available as an Amazon Prime reward. They can be exchanged at a dedicated vendor in each main city hub.

The most popular item to buy with amethyst shards is a ship skin called the Notos orca, which turns your ship into a killer whale and should make those long sea journeys fly by. That’ll set you back a cool 6,600 amethyst shards. There’s also a sweet gold wolf mount to buy, though that one costs 22,000 amethyst shards. Oof.

How to get Lost Ark Twitch drops

To activate Twitch drops, go to the Lost Ark website, sign into Twitch, link your Steam account, and finally click on the activate button. For this Twitch drop you’ll need to watch four hours’ worth of participating streams, though not all at once.

As always, go to the Lost Ark category on Twitch and filter it by Drops Enabled to find them fastest. I like to scroll down and find a lesser-known streamer who could do with an extra view, but there are plenty of other tags to help you navigate.

Make sure to rack up your four hours before the promotion ends.

When you’ve earned a drop, you’ll get a notification in Twitch. (Notifications are up top, between whispers and Prime Gaming Loot.) That’ll guide you to your Twitch inventory page, where you need to claim the drop. After that, it should show up in-game within 24 hours. Access it from the product inventory next to your mail.

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