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Logitech announced its G Cloud Handheld gaming device

Logitech G Cloud designers open up on the upcoming handheld & its future

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Aizaz khan
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At Logi Play in Berlin last month, Logitech announced its G Cloud Handheld gaming device. We sit down with Ahmed Riaz and Rob Carter at Logitech to chat about this new device and the rationale behind creating this new hardware.


Hideo Kojima received a Logitech G Cloud as a gift from Phil Spencer: an event that wouldn’t make news if that wasn’t for the people involved in that exchange.

In fact, we know that Phil Spencer has tried Logitech G Cloud for a month even with Hideo Kojima and that the latter is working on a cloud-based game that most users will likely try using the Logitech handheld.

I received a letter from Phil. Thank you very much, reads the article published by the Japanese game designer and, of course, accompanied by a photo of the Logitech G Cloud he received as a gift, complete with a hint of the accompanying card: Enjoy!

It is certainly not a mystery that Phil Spencer is enthusiastic about the Logitech G Cloud. The CEO of Microsoft Gaming sees this device as the first step toward a greater expansion of the Xbox Game Pass through the cloud, through the use of specialized machine-held machines.

After which a possible success of the handheld can be anticipated for the moment is difficult to predict, as well as because a price is nearly comparable to that of Steam Deck, a system that could offer many other features.

Why cloud gaming?

But, taking Cloud gaming on is no small task. Google most recently shuttered Stadia after a failed attempt at launching a service, and there are other barriers such as latency since every game is being streamed over WiFi.

We had some mixed results with the handheld in a saturated network, where over 10 devices were running concurrently. Halo: Infinite managed to run just fine, but the day after, when we attempted to play Metal: Hellinger, we were left with a laggy, artifact experience that didn’t live up to the device’s promises.

Logitech announced its G Cloud Handheld gaming device

Logitech G Cloud vs Steam Deck

When quizzed on how the Logitech G Cloud will be competing against devices like the Steam Deck, Riaz retorted with the following:

“We’re trying to offer a completely different proposition for gaming, you know, and I think there’s space for all those consoles. I think there are different ideas. You know, we love Nintendo, we love Steam, we have Steam Link here, you know, we’re not actually trying to come in and be like, Oh, this is, this is like, in direct conflict with us.

I think we’re trying to say, Hey, this is a unique thing that has all the edges sanded off. Or I would put it as an experience that’s fully thought through. And if anything else, I mean, we want to continue to find and get feedback and see like, What are the missing pieces of that experience? But we’re very early in this world of cloud gaming. And we will keep a very careful eye on that and say, like, hey, how do we continue to improve things?

A muted reception

So far, after the announcement, there has been relatively muted response by consumers about the Logitech G Cloud handheld. It’s expensive, it’s a new product category, and it’s expensive. This isn’t a cocktail that consumers really love diving into, even though the handheld is indeed high-quality.

The future of Logitech’s cloud devices remains up in the air for now, but we’re still taking a pause in how well it’ll go down with consumers, and if they will indeed even buy one.

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