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LG’s star wars-themed OLED Evo C2 TV has a special tribute to the series.

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Aizaz khan
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The display manufacturer has teamed with LucasFilm to launch an exclusive themed to Star Wars 65-inch OLED Evo TV to mark this year’s 45th-anniversary celebration of the first launch of Star Wars: A New Hope.

The whole package comes with special Star Wars branding on the TV and the remote control. In the OLED Evo, the Galactic Empire’s logo is imprinted on the back, and the TV plays the sound of Darth Vader breathing when you.

It can be turned on, according to LG. In addition, the remote has an image of the Star Wars logo and a lightsaber-like appearance with lightsaber-like red accents.

Certain LG TVs come with Gallery Mode, which transforms the TV into an evolving art display. This special version, Gallery Mode, features two collections of original Star Wars storyboard images, photos, and artwork.

This collection’s first, dubbed The Conceptual Designs, features storyboards from the trench run of A New Hope and the final duel from Return of the Jedi. The second collection, The Journey of Darth Vader, is a work of art focused on key Vader scenes in the entire series, including his battle to defeat Luke during Empire Strikes Back.

If you’re within Anaheim, CA, from May 26-29, then 29th, you will be able to get firsthand experience of this Star Wars-themed OLED Evo TV during The Star Wars Celebration (opens in a new window), which is a celebration of the show.

LG has announced it will reveal the price and dates of availability for the display later; however, it is possible to opt-in to receive an email reminder to tell you when the presentation will be available for purchase. You must act fast since LG will be making only 500 units within the United States if it does.

The number 501 TVs could be thought of as something out of place, but in reality, it’s an ode to the 501st Legion, the battalion of Storm Troopers that Darth Vader commanded in the films.

Analyzing the price: determining the value

With all the talk regarding the OLED Evo C1 television and the upcoming OLED Evo C2 TV, you might be wondering if the display is satisfactory, and it is. The exhibition (opens in a new window) on the Star Wars model shows (opens in a new window) in 4K Ultra HD resolution. It also houses Dolby Vision and HDR10 for superior images. The model can be found in LG’s Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor (opens in a new tab), which the company claims to improve the clarity of color and the shadows of dark scenes and the visual quality of buildings.

In addition, it’s not just about that OLED Evo has specific gaming features, such as NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility and the ability to support GEFORCE NOW. If you take LG’s assertions regarding the OLED Evo C2 at face value, it’s quite a sturdy TV. But, it comes with an equally impressive price tag.

The base OLED Evo is priced at $2,299. While we don’t know the price for this Star Wars version yet, it’s safe to think that it would be similar to the price.


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