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LG and Samsung 4K TVs Giving a boost to Cloud gaming

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LG’s latest promotion for Stadia Pro is the newest storm.


  • The ongoing battle.
  • Cloud gaming on LG TVs got Boost.
  • TV biz competition heats up.

The battle between Korean electronics giants LG & Samsung has been one-sided. Each side is vying for the best 4K TV.

With both TV manufacturers firmly established as premium TV players, the battle has moved to cloud gaming. LG announced that it would give new and existing LG TV owners free access to the Google Stadia Pro online game streaming service for three months.

The promotion by LG will begin on August 10 and run until January 2023. The free service will only be available to viewers with an LG TV with the web OS brilliant TV platform version 5.0 or above. It primarily applies to OLED and QLED sets that were sold after 2020.

The company’s C2 OLED TV series also features a 42-inch model, the minor OLED TV, and one aimed at gamers and fans of the best OLED TVs with limited viewing space.

Samsung, meanwhile, has been busy making its gaming push. The company’s new TVs for 2022 feature Samsung Gaming Hub, a portal within a set’s Tizen innovative TV interface to access cloud services, with Stadia Pro and GeForce Now as the first ones out of the gate.

Samsung added the Xbox TV app to Gaming Hub in June and just this week announced that the Amazon Luna game streaming service will soon be coming, making sets with the Hub an obvious destination for gamers looking to leave their consoles behind.

As the TV business competition heats up, it's LG and Samsung's turn.

For both cloud-based and console-based gaming, big-screen TVs make a great choice. So it’s no surprise that major Korean rivals have made recent advancements on this front. As the two battle it out in cloud gaming, viewers can expect to see more gaming-related services and features.

  • Another factor is the increased competition caused by decreased demand. It is due to two factors:
    Many homebound people buy TVs to make their indoors more enjoyable during the “lockdown” phase of a pandemic; the recent rise in the cost of living has forced remaining buyers of discretionary items such as TVs to cut back on their spending.
  • Samsung’s recent entry into OLED manufacturing has resulted in unprecedented OLED TV price declines by 2022. TV production will also decline as panel-makers adjust output to meet current economic realities and future forecasts.

As the economic impact of supply-demand works its a way through the economy, buyers can expect further price cuts later in the year. Anyone looking for a new TV should keep an eye out for sales or wait for the Black Friday deals. These deals will be great for everyone, but they will be even more beneficial for gamers with the new developments by Samsung and LG.

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