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Latest Google System Updates Improve Kids Space

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fatima khan
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Google has begun rolling out the September 2022 Google System updates to Android devices. These updates aren’t like those OTA (over the air) releases you receive on your phone. Instead, these are updates to various underlying systems that form the basis for the Android OS, such as Google Play Services and the Play Store. The company regularly pushes improvements and changes to these systems for a more reliable and secure user experience. It details those changes every month. The latest batch of Google System updates brings a few notable changes, including some for Kids Space.

This month’s Google System updates bring notable changes to Kids Space

For starters, Android tablets now let you install Google Kids Space on a secondary account during setup. This enables you to share your tablet with your kids or young siblings. You can also hide recommended apps when setting up Kids Space, so your kids don’t download or use unwanted apps. The latest updates further bring improvements to Google account syncing and recovery on Android smartphones, TVs, tablets, Android Auto, and Wear OS devices.

The Google Play Store is seeing improvements too. Features like Play-as-you-download, Google Play billing, Play Protect, Play Pass, and Play Points programs are all getting some optimizations. But if you check the company’s official update tracker for these monthly releases, you’d notice the same entries in the changelog for pretty much every month. That’s because these are continuous optimizations that Google makes behind the scenes for improved user experience.

Google tends to push new updates to Android OS systems as part of these monthly Google System updates throughout the month. So we may see the company add new items to the changelog for the latest release in the coming weeks. If there’s anything big or notable, we will surely let you know about it.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned updates are rolling out with Google Play services v35.22 and Google Play Store v31.1. The company released the latest version today, so it might take a few days for everyone to see the changes brought by this month’s Google System updates. While the updates should install automatically, you can always check for them on your own. Follow this link to see if you have an update available for Google Play services. You can check for updates for the Play Store from the About section in Settings, which is available from your avatar on the top right corner of the Play Store home page.

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