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It’s possible that Google Chrome could end annoying pop-ups permanently.

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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The time of constantly being bombarded by annoying pop-ups and alerts within your browser is likely to be coming to an end because of a brand new Google Chrome update.

The company has disclosed how it’s working to make Chrome “a more helpful browser” with machine learning programs running within the program that shuts off pop-ups before users even notice.

The update, scheduled to be implemented in Chrome 102 later this year, means that the browser can look at the web page as it loads and determine the likelihood that permission to send alerts or any other type of prompt will be granted. If not, for instance, when the site was deemed annoying or harmful in the past, notifications will be blocked automatically.

Google Chrome notifications

“On the one hand, page notifications help deliver updates from sites you care about; on the other hand, notification permission can become a nuisance,” Google said in a blog article (opens in a new browser) announcing the news.

“Our goal is to build a browser that’s genuinely and continuously helpful, and we’re excited about the possibilities that ML provides.”

Google Chrome block notifications alert

(Image credit: Google)

If they visit a website, the user is presented with (ironically) warnings telling users that their notifications have been instantly blocked.

Google said that since the update is integrated into Chrome, The ML models concentrate on the device you are using and how you use it, which means your information remains secure.

The latest move is a move by Google to utilize AI and machine learning to enhance the experience of its customers (Source).

This service runs on a brand new Google machine-learning model built on the work it began by introducing the Safe Browsing in Chrome tool and its built-in phishing detector within Chrome to detect dangerous or fraudulent websites that can traverse different URLs.
Since it was launched in March 2022, Google states that it has discovered “2.5 times more potentially malicious sites and phishing attacks as the previous model – resulting in a safer and more secure web”.

The company also hopes to use this technology to offer users a user-friendly and interactive toolbar in Chrome. The toolbar will show different buttons at specific times, like that share icon prominently whenever using social media or using the search feature if users are using Chrome via the go with a smartphone.

Google aimed to take action on harmful notifications in October 2020 when it shut down alerts on sites that attempted to request permission or misleadingly use warnings and gave users an indication that the website could have a sinister motive in mind (Source).

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