It might not be able to handle the ray tracer.

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The mechanical keyboard user is famous for going wild by designing customized “artisan” keycaps, ranging from full-on themed keysets like the one included in my Star Trek Galaxy Class set and even tiny fan-art pieces such as those Pokemon caps made from resin, as well as other odd things. But there is a new keycap discovered available on the market in China this weekend that could be of interest to anyone trying to find a reasonable high-quality gaming keycap over the last few years.

The supposed real Asus “Republic of Gamers” keycap resembles an extremely small graphics card, and it is on the spot where the Shift key used to be. The keycap is a bit scary. Its anodized and sculpted body is decorated with three mini cooling fans, which sit on ball bearings that are tiny and spin. The keycap is packaged in a unique way that looks like a GPU and is a recreation of the brand new game’s experience of unboxing, but with a miniature version.

It's ASUS ROG, a tiny graphics card you can buy

There are PC keycaps that have components created by skilled craftsmen and, at a minimum, an graphics card with spinners. However, the more complex logo is being manufactured at a large scale as a YouTube user has shown off the concept.

2.75u-cap 2.75u-cap is offered in China for 400 yuan ($63). It was discovered at Tom’s Hardware. A customized keycap that is so intricate in design and packaging, it’s pretty sensible! We’ve spoken to an Asus representative to inquire whether this is an officially licensed ROG product — and it appears to be one and when it will be made available in other countries. Asus has already sold the set of “gaming” keycaps with an iron Escape key that can easily imagine being sold.
If we can purchase one, we decide to test it and connect it with the PCIe port.