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graphic cards tracking

Be aware that your graphic card may be used to monitor your online activities.
The companies and brands already have several tools for monitoring you on the web. For example, a new string was recently added to the bows ‘ graphic card. There’s no requirement to purchase a more sophisticated design in this scenario. Anyone Internet user can be tracked, and it’s possible to be monitored for longer than the standard.

Cookies, aren’t they? Small pieces of code embedded in the major websites and apps have been the subject of debate for several years, particularly after the introduction of new privacy laws of the European Union. These are the blocks that allow brands to track your activity on the Internet and, in turn, make use of it to present users with specific ads. If it’s easy to avoid these ads, it’s a challenge to ensure your online browsing is secure.

graphic cards tracking
Credits: Unsplash

It’s not going to get better shortly. A French, Australian, and Israeli researchers group has developed a program that uses GPUs to track its user online. The program is called DrawnApart and was tested using more than 2500 GPUs, and each gave the same results. It can distinguish every Internet user and collect a lot of information about their internet activities. They aren’t talking about the most recent models, such as the RTX 3000 or RX 6000. All users are concerned.

What can researchers do to monitor your graphic card?

To achieve this, researchers have created the method based upon WebGL (Web Graphics Library), an API that permits the display of 3D objects in all modern browsers. Because of the WebGL library, DrawnApart can determine the number of calculation units and the performance of each one, which includes a Graphic card. In addition, the technique can take greater than 176 measures that create a distinctive fingerprint.

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To make sure that it’s the GPU that is being acknowledged and recognized, researchers attempted to replace the other components of the PC. The result was identical. There’s a reason to be concerned about this particular. DrawnApart enhances the average time to track by 77% compared to the most effective available algorithms and can get the speed to as high as 28 days.

“We believe a similar method can also be found for the WebGPU API when it becomes generally available,”¬†According to the study.¬†” The effects of accelerated computing APIs on user privacy should be considered before they are enabled globally.”