iPhone 15 to Get Exciting Charging Upgrade with New Charging Port.

    Apple is planning to launch its new phone, the iPhone 15, which rumors suggest will launch in a few weeks. It also comes with an outstanding feature: an iPhone 15 charging port. Apple has now bid farewell to its old charging method and is introducing the USB-C type, which will bring fast charging capabilities.

    Apple introduced a new charging port in the iPhone 15, supporting 35W fast charging, a significant upgrade from the previous iPhone 14, which supported 27W charging.

    iPhone 15 to Get 35W Fast Charging with USB-C

    Apple stopped including adapters last year, in 2020, believing that it would help reduce electronic waste. However, it’s not yet confirmed whether Apple will introduce a separate charging adapter for iPhone 15 or if the charger will be available in the box.

    This change doesn’t need to result in increased or decreased charging speed directly, but it is confirmed that iPhone 15 will shift to a new charging feature. The significant shift here is that Apple has changed the charging port in the iPhone 15.

    This alteration is driven by the European Union’s deadline of December 28th, 2024, which requires all new phones sold within the bloc, including iPhones, to use USB-C for wired charging. Postponing this transition for another year could leave Apple with a limited timeframe.

    Per the rumors, the iPhone 15 might be released on Tuesday, September 12th. We have already discussed the color and specification of the iPhone 15. The fancier versions, the Pro and Pro Max, could be pricier compared to last year because of specific improvements. These models might have thinner borders around the screen and could change from stainless steel to a titanium frame.

    Here is a table of the estimated charging times for an iPhone 15 using a 35W charger:

    Battery levelCharging time
    0%10 minutes
    25%20 minutes
    50%30 minutes
    75%50 minutes
    100%60 minutes

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