AppleiPhone 14 selfie camera betterment just obtained pitched

iPhone 14 selfie camera betterment just obtained pitched


Be prepared to snap more selfies on your iPhone 14. Several major changes are on the way for the camera that faces the front on every model that will improve the quality of its images.

According to Kuo, Ming-Chi (opens in a new tab), an Apple analyst with a deep understanding of the company’s supply chain, the latest flagship iPhone line-up will get autofocus on camera selfie cameras for the very first time. Kuo mentions which companies make the various components of the camera. However, for the average user, it’s the most important point to take away.

At present, the iPhone selfie camera is fixed focus. This means that you’ll only be able to get the best images if you hold your phone at a specific distance from your face. However, autofocus means the camera can adjust to different lengths, giving you the freedom to shoot photos the way you want.

Regarding specific improvements, Kuo says the new selfie camera module will incorporate the voice coil motor (VCM) to drive the autofocus. The lens is six parts, an improvement over the existing five-part lens. A 6P lens should allow fewer distortions and artifacts in selfies because they can be caused by reflections inside cameras with less sophisticated lenses.

Previous reports have stated that the selfie camera will also have a new, larger f/1.9 aperture (current iPhones use an f/2.2 aperture). A larger aperture will result in more light hitting the sensor below, allowing performance improvement even in low-light conditions. It will also result in a less depth of field, which means Apple needs to alter the algorithm for portrait modes and other camera effects to compensate.

However, this isn’t the only rumor. These rumors have stated that adding this latest camera technology will make an iPhone 14 more costly to manufacture. Therefore, the entire iPhone range will likely rise in cost because Apple will transfer the cost onto iPhone users.

Another big camera enhancement is planned for an iPhone 14 Pro; the main camera will be 48MP. The other cameras, including the main camera of an iPhone regular iPhone 14, are reported to be using 12MP. This may not be very pleasant because rival Android phones have high-quality cameras. However, this hasn’t stopped iPhone from being a top contender in our top cameras on phones guide over the years.

If Apple follows its normal timeline, we’ll be seeing iPhone 14 make its iPhone 14 debut this September. However, until then, you can keep up on the latest rumors and leaks on the hub for iPhone 14 on our iPhone 14 hub as well as the iPhone 14 Pro hub if you’re just interested in the top-performing iPhones from Apple.

Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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