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iPhone 14 Pro leaks and rumors

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the device that will change the iPhone range, possibly coming in a distinct design distinct from that of the iPhone 13 Pro. As of now, rumors have suggested everything from the demise of the notch to an eventual return to Touch ID.

This update is likely to be long in need of an update, as good as the iPhone 13 Pro is, but it’s certainly not an upgrade that is a complete leap over the previous model. Overall the iPhone hasn’t made a significant leap from the iPhone 11 Pro.

With fierce competition from the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Google Pixel 6 Pro, It appears that Apple must bring its best to the table with this model, the iPhone 14 Pro. As you can see from the leaks and rumors thus far, the next Pro model may be doing precisely the same thing. Additionally, the iPhone 14 Pro could differ significantly from previous iPhone 14 models.

What we know concerning iPhone 14 Pro. Here’s what we know about iPhone 14 Pro and what we’d like to find out.

iPhone 14 Pro latest rumors (Updated May 30)

iPhone 14 Pro rumored release price and date

iPhone 14 Pro front and back in white
(Image credit: the Hacker 34)

Of course, Apple remains extremely secretive regarding any details about the next iPhones, particularly concerning the release date and price. However, based on past launches, we’d say that it’s safe that we can expect to see the iPhone 14 range to be released in September.

The most recent leak shows an iPhone 14 launch tipped for September 13, which is according to insiders. This date is consistent with other rumors and Apple’s general pattern of iPhone launches.

In light of the disruption that the coronavirus epidemic has caused to suppliers, Apple appears to be taking steps to reduce the possibility of being a victim of the iPhone 14 range, hitting long waiting times due to disruptions in manufacturing between its leading suppliers. This includes the possible removal of one supplier that wasn’t making components that meet Apple’s specifications but that will not cause delays in the phone’s production.

But, one report claims the release of some of the four iPhone models is behind by three weeks because of Covid locks in China.

A somewhat trusted leaker LeaksApplePro has reported that 3 of 4 iPhone 14 models are tipped for price increases. However, this is only speculation.

If it is true, it is possible that the iPhone 14 Pro would start at $1,099, which is an increase of $100 over $1,999 for the iPhone 13 Pro. The iPhone 14 Pro Max may have a similar price increase, reaching $1,199. The comparatively significant rise in its launch price will undoubtedly be a burden on the pockets of those looking to purchase a premium new iPhone 14.

Shadow_Leak, a third leaker named Shadow_Leak, has announced on Twitter that he is also expecting an upgrade to the standard iPhone 14 Pro to cost $1,099 (opens in a new tab).

Check out our first review of iPhone 14 Pro vs. iPhone 14 Pro — be prepared for the most significant differences over the coming years.

iPhone 14 Pro design

iPhone 14 Pro concept front and back
(Image credit: Technizo Concept/Let’s Go Digital)

The tipster Jon Prosser has showcased renderings that are believed to be based on leaked documents, which show some possible significant changes for iPhone 14 Pro. iPhone 14 Pro.

Prosser’s renders showcase a trio of cameras that sit flush with the back of the iPhone 14 Pro. However, if you think that sounds like a good idea, you may be disappointed by rival diagrams that show the iPhone 14 Pro models appear to be a bit similar to those of their iPhone 13 counterparts. The raised camera is back and more significant for models like the iPhone 14 Pro; the models are also 0.2mm more extensive than those of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Some reports also show cameras set to grow. The reason this is happening, according to the reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is that larger modules are required to house a 47MP camera. In the meantime, a different leak has claimed that those corners on the iPhone 14 Pro (but not the Pro Max) will become more rounded to align with the curved edges in the latest camera module.

rumored iPhone 14 Pro schematics
iPhone 14 Pro schematics (Image credit: Max Weinbach)

Another significant design change uncovered in various iPhone 14 Pro rumors is the elimination of the well-known design notch on display. The display analyst Ross Young expects Apple to provide an oblong cutout for Face ID and a punch hole that is, in essence, two cutouts.

The shape is currently fixed, according to reports of EverythingApplePro.Below is an unconfirmed schematic taken from an anonymous leaker over on Weibo that shows what iPhone 14 Pro design might appear like. It’s unclear if this will be a significant improvement over the notch, but it could be a nice change.

A leaked CAD file of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, showing the rumored pill and punch-hole cutouts for the selfie camera and Face ID
(Image credit: VNchocoTaco)

These rumors were further given credibility by what appears to be a leaked supply chain image showing the display panels of the four iPhone 14 models.

Although the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max are expected to keep the notch on their display, however, it appears that the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro max seem to be likely to eliminate the gap, opting instead for an oblong cutout and what seems to as a camera with a hole, or sensor.

Phone 14 display panel leaked photo
(Image credit: Weibo)

Young and analyst-led company Display Supply Chain Consultants have yet again made a case for the concept of the iPhone 14 Pro with dual cameras with cutouts. However, the current iPhone will have to wait for another year before receiving an un-notch display, making it more appealing to go professional on the next iPhone.

Another set of CAD gives us yet another glimpse of what the iPhone 14 Pro could look like if it had a notch-less design. The slightly asymmetrical design seems somewhat unappealing but is distinct.

iPhone 14 Pro renders
(Image credit: 91Mobiles )

The most comprehensive look at what the changes in design are bringing about can be seen in a few iPhone 14 mock-ups posted by Alibaba and shared by Macotakara. For the iPhone 14 models, you will see two cutouts on the front display, and the more powerful camera module is also visual. Macotakara states the iPhone 13 Pro cases will not fit the iPhone 14 Pro because of the more extensive camera module.

iPhone 14 mockups
(Image credit: Alibaba/Macotakara)

There was a rumor early suggesting that Touch ID may be back with the help of an under-display fingerprint sensor. But the jury isn’t yet out on the probability of this. Analyst Ming Chi-Kuo thinks that an iPhone will not be equipped with Touch ID or displaying Face ID under-display for the next few years. It would be disconcerting since wearing masks using an alternate to Face ID is extremely helpful in these times.

However, the good news is that with iOS 15.4, Apple has created a system it is now possible that Face ID can identify authentic users even if they wear masks. It’s incredibly effective, which means Apple could have gotten around the requirement for biometrics based on fingerprints.

There’s only been one leak to discuss the color options on iPhone 14 Pro. iPhone 14 Pro, and it’s now gone. A Chinese leaker said that in addition to the traditional Graphite, Silver, and Gold Pro iPhone colors, the new color option would be darker purple. Below, you can see it in another series of renders from the artist Souta.

An unofficial render of the iPhone 14 Pro from the front and back, in purple
(Image credit: Souta)

iPhone 14 Pro USB-C

USB-C and Lightning charging cables for phone on black background
(Image credit: Ivan Shenets | Shutterstock)

Some reports suggest Apple might finally choose the USB-C port option in iPhone 14 Pro. iPhone 14 Pro would be logical since many of its products already support USB-C.

However, more recent rumors suggest that Apple will remain with Lightning over USB-C but will change to upgraded Lightning ports that support quicker USB 3.0 transfers of data. With the EU moving towards making USB-C the default charge used by portable phones, such as phones, this is happening.

USB-C on the iPhone 14 Pro would be an essential feature for some. The Lightning connector is one of the most significant flaws with the iPhone since it wears out with time. This could make it complicated to power your iPhone. However, Apple is unlikely to leave Lightning unless it is forced already establish the standard and the range of accessories it is.

In the meantime, Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that Apple will be able to convert switch the iPhone to USB-C by the end of 2023. If he’s correct – and a recent report from Bloomberg indicates that he’s right, this is the case. We won’t get an officially USB-C iPhone until the iPhone 15 arrives.

iPhone 14 Pro display

iphone 14 pro dual cutouts rumored render
(Image credit: Tom’s Guide / Shutterstock)

One of the significant improvements to the iPhone 13 Pro delivered was the ability to refresh at 120Hz on a dynamic display. With the help of an LTP display, the show could be set to 120Hz or only 10Hz when a high refresh rate was required, which saved battery life.

We’re not anticipating that this will be the case in the coming iPhone 13 Pro, going by the reports. However, there is a possibility that a new generation LTPO panel like the OnePlus 10 Pro could increase power efficiency.

The use of panel technology implies that the iPhone 14 Pro may have been predicted to feature an all-day display. The ability to display notifications and other content, such as dates and times, on a screen without turning off the phone will give new generation iPhones an advantage that most advanced Android phones are using for a while.

However, using LTPO (low-temperature polycrystalline silicon) (LTPS) panels can guarantee that the display’s refresh rate is maintained at an acceptable level, ensuring that battery life doesn’t get sucked away with an on-all-day collection.

Contrary to that, the standard iPhone 14 models are currently rumored to receive a 90Hz display. This will improve over the 60Hz display of the iPhone 13 but not relatively as high-end as Pro phones. Pro phones.

According to the rumors we have heard to date, according to the stories so far, the iPhone 14 Pro will stick with the 6.1-inch display, while The iPhone 14 Pro Max will remain with its 6.7-inch production of the previous model. An alleged leak from Shadow_Leak suggests that The iPhone 14 Pro will likely have the same size display as we saw on earlier models of the iPhone 13 Pro.

While the size of the iPhone’s name might not change, the exact measurements may vary. Based on a rumor by Ross Young, the iPhone 14 Pro could increase in size from 6.06 inches to 6.12 inches and that of the iPhone 14 Pro Max from 6.68 to 6.69 inches. This could mean

The rumors suggest that it is due to thinner bezels and a new design of the notch.

iPhone 14 Pro cameras

iPhone 14 Pro concept by Volodymyr Lenard
(Image credit: Volodymyr Lenard)

Do not expect a significant change in the number of cameras that the iPhone 14 Pro will bring in the first place since these Pro phones are expected to remain with the traditional combination of a primary, ultrawide, and telephoto range. The way Apple phones frequently feature in our top cameras phones range is not a good thing.

However, one leak suggests that revealed that the iPhone 14 Pro is tipped to have a primary camera of 48 megapixels that could switch from the 12-megapixel cameras Apple has been using for a long time. The computational photography of Cupertino is one of the top around.

It has many megapixels to work with and could provide users of the iPhone 14 Pro with more scope for processing light and details. There’s a chance that we’re at the point when the megapixels are essential once in a way to Apple.

However, an ordinary Apple tipster will have the regular iPhone 14 models tipped to keep cameras of 12MP, and those Pro models are expected to feature an additional 48MP camera.

There are no changes announced regarding the ultrawide camera. However, we’d be shocked that no effort was not made to enhance the view field and remove distortion at the edges.

It’s possible to allow the camera to receive the ability to zoom in, as an Apple patent suggests a company working on a styled zoom camera in the periscope. Should such a function be planned to be introduced on an iPhone, the feature could be available for it to be available on the iPhone 14 Pro. However, to make it more difficult, Apple oracle Ming-Chi Kuo says that the camera for periscope will not be available before it’s the iPhone 15 in 2023.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that all versions of the iPhone 14 will come with an updated front camera and will offer a bigger aperture (f/1.9 instead of. f/2.2 for the iPhone X) iPhone) and autofocus built-in. The first will help take better photos and videos, and the latter will be an advantage in video calls.

iPhone 14 Pro specs and battery life

iPhone 14 Pro camera
(Image credit:,review-4800.html)

There are no confirmed reports regarding this iPhone 14 Pro’s specifications. However, it’s not difficult to guess that any new model will with a better processor, just as it happens for every new iPhone.

As a follow-up to A15 Bionic, the predecessor to A15 Bionic, It is possible to get the A16 Bionic chip that will enhance efficiency across all platforms. The chip is expected to be upgraded from the 5nm process node to a 4-nm node. It is possible that an apple-made 5G device could be a possibility.

However, leaker ShrimpApplePro says that sources they have spoken to tell that the iPhone 14 Pro models will continue to use the 5nm manufacturing process regardless of whether it is upgraded with an A16 chip. This could lower the performance advantages of the Pro as compared to the regular iPhone 14 models.

In addition, the iPhone 14 Pro is likely to deliver a noticeable increase in graphics, processor, and neural processing capabilities compared to the iPhone A15 Bionic. What percentage of that will be apparent to the average user may not be evident, but don’t count on the iPhone 14 Pro to struggle with any task thrown at it.

It’s a bit odd that Kuo is the only one with iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max tipped to get the A16 Bionic and claims that it is the iPhone 14 will stick with the A15 chip. This would be the first for Apple since it has always fitted the latest iPhones with the latest silicon. Another leak by Shadow_Leak confirms this. The infamous chip shortage in the past two years could have affected the Apple supply chain. However, this is speculation at the moment.

However, the matter has become more complicated as the plot gets more complicated. A more recent report, citing sources within the know, claims that an iPhone 14 would use the A15 Bionic chipset, which powers the current iPhone 13 Pro models. It is equipped with 6GB of RAM, while iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini are equipped with 4GB of RAM, according to teardowns. It’s an upgrade in a sense but not as much of a complete chip upgrade, so it puts more points on the attractive aspect of an iPhone 14 Pro over the regular version.

A leak from the past has said that it is likely that the iPhone 14 Pro will come with 8GB of RAM. Since Apple’s efficiency approach has allowed it to accomplish more in less memory than other phones like its Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, increasing the internal RAM could make the iPhone 14 Pro an absolute powerful device.

However, the present iPhone is not fast, so having the additional RAM may be excessive. However, an expert Jeff Pu predicts that the 4 iPhone 14 models will come with 6GB of RAM this is odd to us.

Storage will likely go upwards to 1TB, but there aren’t any concrete reports on the storage capacity of the iPhone 14 Pro. iPhone 14 Pro yet.

There aren’t any reports of battery capacity or size as of yet. We’re confident that iPhone 14 Pro will match or even beat the 11 hours and 42 minutes that the iPhone 13 Pro did in our battery test. This makes the phone refresh web pages via the cellular network until it stops. It’s no surprise that the iPhone 13 Pro Max had an extended 12-hour and sixteen-minute test, so we’d anticipate seeing the iPhone 14 Pro Max be able to do the same or better than the Apple improves the chips and phone performance.

In terms of 5G, we’re anticipating that the iPhone 14 Pro to use an upgraded chipset for the 5G technology. Its smaller size will result in less power to operate and could also mean additional space in which the battery can grow to. This would mean that the battery life on iPhone 13 can be improved by a lot more.

Unfortunately, it’s looking like the iPhone 14 Pro might miss out on the improvements that Qualcomm’s 5G chip called, known as the Snapdragon X70. It will come with the first 5G AI processor. one of the very first in its class, which will enable the modem to utilize artificial intelligence to enhance the antenna of a phone and to manage better beams of 5G going to and coming from the phone that is 5G. Qualcomm estimates that the chip will be beneficial for mmWave-based 5G networks in areas like arenas and stadiums, but AI will also assist in managing sub-6GHz 5G signals.

In addition to the Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity and Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, the iPhone 14 Pro could also get the capability to connect to the satellite network. This feature was first introduced in the lead-up to the iPhone 13 launch; At the same time, it didn’t come on time for the phones; reliable sources suggest emergency satellite communications could be an option for iPhone 14 models. It’s a concept that if you’re in an area with no internet connectivity or even cellular service, You can send messages to emergency service providers over the satellite network, alerting them of your phone’s location.

iPhone 14 Pro outlook

iPhone 14 renders
(Image credit: Front Page Tech | Renders by Ian)

The iPhone 14 Pro might be that phone that many of us are anticipating, and with the Pro, models are expected to be an actual improvement over the iPhones we’ve encountered over the last couple of years. It’s certainly not going to look like iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 and 12. However, we think that this new version of the iPhone will feature a brand unique style, language, and capabilities that will set the standard for future iPhones. Now that iPhone SE (2022) is out, here’s what the iPhone SE (2022) is available; let’s see how the iPhone SE tells us about the iPhone 14.

A lack of touch ID, notch, and a more significant number of megapixels for cameras in general, along with the USB-C port, could completely alter the iPhone. This could set the bar for other phones to follow if they want to make it onto our top smartphones list.


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