The iPhone 14 Pro looks set to be more expensive compared to the iPhone 13 Pro.
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The leak provided us with the first glimpse of Apple’s new flagship phone, dubbed”the iPhone 14 Pro. The phone will come with the latest 48-megapixel camera, and it’s expected that consumers will pay for the camera, as well as the price will increase compared to the model the previous year, which was on these cards.

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After revealing all the details of the upcoming iPhone 14 Max just a few days ago, the tipster @Shadow_Leak has set goals regarding the iPhone 14 Pro, disclosing important information about the top model before the release.

iPhone 14 Pro will sport the 6.06-inch 120-Hz LTPO OLED display with a display resolution of 2532×1170. Insiders of the supply chain Ross Young seem inevitable that these numbers aren’t 100% accurate, however, and suggests there’s a chance that the iPhone 14 Pro will see minor increases in the size of the display.

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The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are now confirmed to have 48-megapixel cameras. This leak confirms this. This camera is joined with a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle shooter and an f/1.3 lens with 12MP. The leaker indicates that the primary camera with 48 megapixels will feature an f/1.3 lens, but that appears to be a little unlikely. The camera with 48 MP may come with the 1/1.3-inch sensor that we’ve previously revealed.

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The Apple flagship model will be backed with 6GB of RAM, in contrast to earlier reports which claimed the iPhone 13 and Pro models would be updated to eight GB. Storage capacity ranges from 128GB up to 1TB, similar to iPhone 13 Pro. iPhone 13 Pro. The leaker claims that a price increase is expected soon, with the model comes with 6/128GB with an MSRP of $1,099. It’s worth noting that the iPhone 13 Pro costs US$999 like the iPhone 13 Pro.