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iPad Pro 2022 just appeared on retailer site before expected launch

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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It’s probably at least another month before we expect to see the iPad Pro 2022 arrive, but despite that hurdle, some users have been able to place an order for one already.

Sources speaking to MacRumors (opens in new tab) have said that Optus, an Australian cell carrier, has the iPad Pro 2022 listed in its online inventory system. The sources mention specifically a fourth-generation 11-inch iPad Pro model, with 512GB storage and LTE connectivity, listed for A$2,100, although aside from these details there were no other specs available.

That’s a generation ahead of the current 3rd-gen 11-inch iPad Pro that arrived in 2021, which is also listed in Optus’ system as a separate device. The equivalent spec of this version costs A$200 less than the “new” iPad Pro, according to the listings.

Even wilder is that according to invoices seen by MacRumors, several Optus customers managed to order one of these mysterious new iPads, seemingly due to mix-ups when ordering through the company’s sales staff.

One buyer explained that a couple of days after making the order and being told there would be a two-week wait for the device to arrive, Optus then stepped in and swapped the order to a third-gen equivalent, but said only that the fourth-gen model was out of stock, not that it didn’t technically exist yet.

It’s unclear what the cause of this early iPad Pro listing is. Perhaps Optus, as a mobile phone carrier with a strong existing relationship with Apple, has been tipped off to get ready for new tablets from the company. What is also possible is that Optus has been listening to the same rumors as us, and has thought that it was wise to prepare for a new iPad Pro, just in case.

The next Apple event is just a few days away on September 7, and is expected to be the place we’ll see the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, apple watch 8 and AirPods Pro 2 launch. However, the rumors have also said there will be an Apple event in October, and it could be here that we actually see the new iPad Pro as well as a fresh batch of macbook pro 2022 models with M2 Pro chips.

It’s a shame there’s still probably a bit of a wait, but at least it gives you plenty of time to check out our iPad Pro 2022 hub and ensure you’re up to speed with all the rumors and leaks so far.

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