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Intel’s Meteor Lake Platform – Intel Up to 14 Cores, XeHPG Graphics & Intel 4

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Igor’s Lab created a comprehensive overview of Intel’s 14th Generation Core “Meteor Lake” platform mobile computers. This overview highlights the crucial advancements that the company plans to bring to the market over the next year.

The 14th generation Core Intel “Meteor Lake” processors will be the first clients to have multi-tiled designs.

(Image credit: Igor’s Lab)

The Intel Meteor Lake Mobile Processors will have four tiles. They include the compute tile (CPU cores), which is made with Intel 4 process technology (7 nm EUV), as well as the graphics tile (TSMC using N3 Node), all interconnected via Foveros 3D technology.

CPU Redwood Cove Crestmont & Low-Power ECores

The fascinating feature is the CPU tile. It will feature six Redwood Cove high-performance P-cores and up to eight Crestmont general purpose Intel-cores. This was demonstrated on Meteor Lake’s compute die shot.

@OneRaichu tweeted that two LP-E cores were found in the SoC tiles made with low-power fabrication processes. This is an unofficial claim, so you should take it with a grain.

Intel’s Meteor Lake mobile platforms may have three cores for higher energy efficiency. Similar to Arm’s platforms.

GPU: The XeLPG XeLPG GPU Architecture

Next are the separate graphics tiles featuring XeHPG/XeLPG technology and up to 128 EUs made by TSMC using its N3 fabrication process. Intel’s Meteor Lake CPU could produce 128 EUs at higher clocks, leading to GPU performance comparable to its discrete Arc Alchemist A370M GPU chips.

A patch for Intel Linux discovered by Coelacanth’s Dream confirmed that Meteor Lake’s graphic tiles use XeHPG technology. This is the first mention of Intel’s XeLPG.

We don’t know much about the XeLPG architecture. However, we can speculate that it inherits the architectural capabilities from Gaming, XeHPG oriented Xe (for instance, hardware-accelerated ray tracing), and uses low-power libraries.

Curiously, Igor’s Lab slides include support for HDMI 2.0 over USB-C. Intel may support a new standard that has not been ratified yet or that this is a typo (we are still working with unofficial information).

(Image credit: Igor’s Lab)

Mobile Support for the PCIe Gen5

Intel supports PCIe 2.0 interface on its desktop 12th Generation Core processors “Alder Lake,” while mobile Alder Lake-H only parts feature PCIe 4. Intel will now add PCIe 5.x8 connectivity to its mobile platform (Meteor Lake U/P) to increase performance for Gaming-oriented notebooks.

SoC – Ultra Fast Memory and Bult in AI Capabilities

For years, Intel has equipped processors with platform control hubs (PCHs). These hubs contained controllers and physical interfaces. Intel’s 14th Generation Core “Meteor Lake” platform will now separate PCH into two different chipsets. One chipset controls the processor and the actual I/O interfaces.

It is unknown whether the SoC tiles were made by TSMC or in-house. It is possible that the SoC tiles were made by TSMC or in-house. It can scale very thin with nodes.

Meteor Lake’s SoC tiles now have a new memory controller. It supports 64GB LPDDR5X-74707 and 96GB DDR5-5600.

Meteor Lake’s SoC tile includes an Intel VPU-2.7 Inference Accelerator and a Gaussian/Neural Accelerator 3.0 unit. This is used to reduce noise.


The company’s 14th Generation Core of Meteor Lake could be a breakthrough platform for laptops. However, Meteor Lake seems quite impressive so far.

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