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intel core i5
(Image credit: Intel,

Intel’s Core i5-12490F is exclusive for the Chinese market, and it appears like it will become an overclocking icon as one of the users includes increasing its speed to 5.7 GHz using BCLK. BCLK Overclocking method.

The Core i5-12490F has a six-core 12 thread Alder Lake chip with 20MB of L3 memory and no embedded graphics. With MTP and PBP ratings of 65W and 117W, respectively, the Core i5-12490F is equipped with an average base speed of 3 GHz and a 4.6 GHz turbo clock. However, an overclocker has increased the clock by 5.7 GHz (a 10% increase over the standard clock) by changing its TDP limit and raising the BCLK to 142.53 MHz. Additionally, it has also passed the CPU-Z test (via @Tum_Apisak).


intel core i5
(Image credit: CPU-Z Validator/FUN)

The overclocker needed to increase the core voltage to 1.696V for a significant frequency boost. This is a massive Vcore for a processor with a 10-nm process. It’s not clear the type of cooling system he employed However, we’re certain it was probably an extravagant cooling.

Make sure to note this: the Core i5-12490F isn’t the typical 6-core Alder Lake CPU. It is different from its cheaper counterparts that utilize the Alder Lake-6C silicon it is built on the full-fledged Alder Lake die that has E and P cores and an enormous cache. For normal users the die will provide an additional 20MB of cache. We believe it is because the Core i5-12490F is a recycled die from the more expensive Core 7 SKUs.

With BCLK overclocking functioning well for at least some Intel B660 and Z690 motherboards and non-K Alder Lake gems like the Core i5-12490F motherboard, are not going to go unnoticed. The Core i5-12490F is an exclusive product for China, however it’s likely to find its way into the Chinese market in some way.