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Intel’s Arc Alchemist flagship GPU spotted in a gaming laptop


Intel’s top laptop graphics card, The A770M, is available set to be a top-of-the-line gaming laptop recently announced by Clevo and comes with the Intel Alder Lake Mobile CPU.

Clevo produces laptops that manufacturers can customize and sell under their brand names (for instance, Eurocom and XMG use Clevo designs). Clevo, in turn, has just announced Clevo X270 on YouTube. Clevo X270 laptop on YouTube (opens in a new tab) (as spotted by famous leaker HXL, well-known via Twitter).

The X270 is equipped with an Arc Alchemist a770M, The flagship of Intel’s latest notebook GPUs, and the Alder Lake H-series processor.

The short teaser clip highlights the fact that a solid cooling mechanism is present to make sure that the thermals are maintained favorably despite the hardware that’s included this – at least in theory and includes an aluminum liquid topping to the CPU to ensure that temperatures are 10 degrees lower than they usually would be (or this is the claim). There are several copper pipes for heat – seven are included to allow for better air cooling for the insides (there are two fans, too).).

The company has not revealed much about the specs apart from the gaming laptop featuring the 17.3-inch Mini-LED display and that the array of ports offered includes a pair of Thunderbolt 4 connectors.

Analysis: A speedy portable, no doubt, that’ll hopefully arrive before long

The notebook should be reasonably quick in terms of frames per second, thanks to an Alder Lake H-series chip and Arc Alchemist A770M. We do not know yet which 12th generation Intel mobile CPU will be in use, and we’re assuming that it’ll have one of the faster Core i7 or likely Core i9 models, considering that it’s connected to Intel’s top GPU.

Another thing we’re not yet able to know is just how effective the A770M will be. However, we’re hoping it doesn’t fail – before we’ve observed comparisons within the range of the 3060 Ti RTX or the 3060 Ti (take such leaks with a pinch of salt, Of course!).

However, it’s the fact that the power available is certainly impressive because Clevo has chosen to go with a Mini-LED display here and can mark this notebook as a higher-end gaming notebook (and in that sense, it’s not going to be slow).

Unfortunately, we don’t know what date the gaming laptop is expected to launch, as the teaser clip does not provide any information. The fact that it’s there suggests that the X270 and, even more, critical gaming notebooks built on the same design won’t appear too long away.

Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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