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Intel Employees Discuss Acquiring a Retail A380 GPU

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Ryan Shrout from Intel Graphics Marketing has taken to Twitter to brag about his purchase of a less well-known Arc A380 graphic card. Amazingly, it took three weeks for Intel Marketing in America to obtain one of these samples since the launch of the A380 in China. It makes us feel better about not being in a position to source one for our labs.

Shrout commented in a tweet that Gunnar Photon Arc A380 was not easy to obtain “locally,” but anyone who does will get a “solid-value” graphics card for “mainstream 1080pMed Gaming and DX12 Ultimate, as well as AV1 HW encode.” Shrout stated that the China sample cost $130-$140, but U.S. partner retail and EMEA prices remain a mystery.

This video is well worth your time if you have any hope or interest in the future of Intel discrete graphics processors. This video is a typical unboxing presentation that includes an overview of the construction, ports and fans, and the backplate, power connector, backplate, and power connector.

(Image credit: Intel Graphiics)

Later, the camera pulls back to show that one of the Gunnir cards was running in the background as Shrout was talking, plugged into an open test-bed system. Panning to the PC screen, we see the test system was Gaming in PUBG 1080p Medium quality – in spectate-mode as Shrout was busy with his unboxing video.

To wrap up the video, the Intel Graphics marketing exec reminded us that the A380 offers AV1 acceleration and DeepLink capabilities and is suitable for content creation – as well as being capable of “some impressive mainstream Gaming to compete with the AMD and Nvidia offerings at the same price point.”

While you wait for Tom’s Hardware review verdict on the Arc A380, early reviews of Intel’s first Arc desktop graphics card can give you a sneak peek of the graphics card’s performance. Moreover, Intel recently shared its tests on the Arc A380’s Gaming performance, covering 17 titles (including PUBG).

We still don’t have a date for Arc A380 availability in the Americas or EMEA. In the video, Shrout said higher-end cards would be out later this summer but didn’t specify what SKUs he was talking about or where they would launch within that time frame.



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