Intel Core i9-12900KS Processor is speed demon, with a significant limitation
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Intel Core i9

The¬†Intel Core I9-12900KS¬†processor is only recently launched. However, it’s already breaking world records in overclocking.

This CPU comes with a redesigned model of the¬†Alder Lake flagship 12900K, which is more binned and has faster clock speeds. The performance is awe-inspiring with an extremely overclock as you’d expect.

In¬†Tom’s Hardware¬†(opens in a new tab) reports, one of the most impressive features here is the incredible speed the¬†12900KS¬†can go to – it’s already increased to an astonishing 7.45GHz by using liquid nitrogen for cooling. Be aware that the highest rate of boost out from the box for the CPU is 5.5GHz, and this is quite a significant amount quicker. However, there’s an important caveat to this.

The expert overclocker from MSI who did this feat, TSAIK, did it only with the one (performance) core in operation, which means that while it’s an impressive feat certainly, however, it’s a number that has more limited practical significance to real-world performance than the average record that is powered by cooling.

Another enthusiast, Allen Golibersuch, who is Tom Hardware’s expert – dubbed “Splave” – was able to break several world records using the 12900KS on various Cinebench, Geekbench and HWBot benchmarks.

Enslaved people snagged sixteen world records or first places in these various benchmarks. A notable achievement was reaching 100,675 on Geekbench 4 multi-core. This is the first time the milestone of 100,000 has been surpassed, surpassing the previous record at 97.800 (set by the original Core i9-12900K).

In addition to the inconvenient cooling options, the impressive Core i9-12900KS speeds are limited since TSAIK’s techniques utilize just one core. So, even though getting to 7.45Ghz is fantastic, you will not have any tangible benefits in speed boosts using your system at home.


Overclocking has evolved into an obsession for processors, as it’s no surprise that the Alder Lake flagship lets enthusiasts achieve a new level of performance. It’s likely to be some time before we have the latest i9-12900KS top speeds replicated naturally; however, the fact that it was made possible by an Intel processor first suggests that it’s likely to take, at minimum, AMD’s Zen 4 CPUs to knock teams blue off the top spot in the CPU race.

Analysis: Amazing stuff. However, there's plenty more to be seen

Although that speed of 7.45GHz is undoubtedly enormous overclock, it comes with a caveat and, in reality, it’s not as efficient as the overclocking accomplished by the regular core i9-12900K. Splave previously drove a 12900K clock to 7.6GHz.

To place this into perspective, when the 12900K first was released, Splave hit 6.8GHz during its first overclock, and these are the first-ever overclocks that were made for this KS model of Intel’s Alder Lake flagship. Also, as time goes by and the 12900KS is released, we can expect the 12900KS to push in the same direction and increase its ability to overclock.

Are you wondering about the fastest speed for an ordinary consumer CPU? The rate of over 8.7GHz was recorded on a few of the most experienced AMD processors (the FX-8150 and the FX-8370).

Intel Core i9
(Image credit: Intel)
Intel Core i9
(Image credit: Intel)