If you’ve ever stepped into the VR headset or played a game with VR you’re aware of how thrilling and immersive this experience is.

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The experience can be a bit overwhelming since it’s as if you’ve entered another world, and sometimes you forget that walking isn’t doing anything, and you have to utilize the controls.

This is why we can’t be surprised when we see videos or hear of stories that show people falling, falling into couches, or breaking televisions playing a VR game. The rise in VR popularity has reached a stage where the insurance firm Aviva the company is experiencing an increase in VR-connected claims in the UK.

Based on Kelly Whittington, Aviva’s UK director of property claims, said to The Guardian, “As new gadgets and games become more popular, We often witness this showing up in the claims that our customers make. In the past, we’ve witnessed similar trends with devices that come with phones, fitness games, and even fake spinning fidgets .”

The company states that they’ve witnessed an increase of 31% in claims for 2021. This is an increase of approximately 68% over the year 2016. The company also notes that the most typical claim is for damaged TVs, where people tend to be a little overenthusiastic.