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Inspired by Netflix’s famous “Tudum”, YouTube now has its own launch sound

YouTube wants to be identifiable with sound

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fatima khan
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YouTube created its launch sound and animation, just like Netflix’s “Tudum.” The blog post explains how YouTube did it. You can already hear the mini-fanfare on YouTube’s TVs. It plays every time you open the app.

Antfood, a studio specializing in “sonic branding,” was the platform’s partner. The forum provided a lot more detail about how they built the sound. The platform aimed to create something “human,” “connected,” “expressive,” and “story-driven” by combining a variety of sounds. Below, you can listen to it.

According to youtube:  The initial idea behind the sound was to have something vibrant, engaging, and easily recognizable, so that as soon as you hear it – even if you’re turned away from your TV or device – you know that something’s about to pop up on YouTube.

Each part of the mix has its name. All of this took a lot of thought and money. For example, YouTube stated that “sentimental harmony,” a major 7th chord, “represents how YouTube allows you explore the things that you truly love.”

It’s all fine and dandy, but how does that third piece sound? It’s pleasant and harmonious but not as memorable as “Tudum,” according to my little music critic hat. Although the animation is very well done, it’s a little boring. Although it’s still early, it will improve.

YouTube did not come up with a catchy title for it like Netflix. Instead, they called it the “YouTube Sound,” and I don’t know any other onomatopoeia to do justice. YouTube stated that animation and sound would appear in more places in the coming weeks and months

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