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Chinese DRAM Manufacturer, Innosilicon, Achieves 10,000 Mbps Transfer Rates on LPDDR5X Memory

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Chinese DRAM manufacturer Innosilicon achieved a record 10,000Mbps transfer rate with its LPDDR5X memory chip. This is a quick demonstration, but it provides a glimpse into the future of DRAM technology. (via My Drivers)

LPDDR5X represents an evolutionary step above LPDDR5. It has a speed of up to 8533Mbps, or 4,267MT/s. This is official JEDEC approval. In addition, the Innosilicon memory can run at a rate of 5000 MT/s. This could deliver as much as 80GB/s bandwidth. LPDDR5X, a high-performance LPDDR5X, will be found in flagship smartphones and AR/VR gadgets.

Machine learning and AI are two applications that benefit from faster memory. For example, a 10,000Mbps memory system would enable an autonomous car to access more data and process more simultaneous imagery. But I want to keep control of my vehicle. It’s a thought that I can’t bear to think about.

Innosilicon 10,000 Mbps LPDDR5X demonstration
(Image credit: Innosilicon)

It is important to remember that DDR5/X and LPDDR5/X have significant differences. LPDDR5X can be used in low-power devices. DDR5 has a broader bit width and delivers more bandwidth at a given speed. LPDDR5X may be faster than a standard DDR5 kit, but it is still slower.

LPDDR5X does not focus on performance. Its primary goal is to consume low power for mobile devices. However, Apple’s M1 Pro SoC has LPDDR4X and delivered 408GB/s through a wide bus. So, an M2 device with LPDDR5X speeds up is possible.

Chinese DRAM Manufacturer, Innosilicon, Achieves 10,000 Mbps Transfer Rates on LPDDR5X Memory

These speeds of 10,000Mbps are a good indicator of what’s to come. This isn’t the end, however. Micron and Samsung are working hard to develop their LPDDR5X faster. LPDDR6 is coming soon.

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