Infinx Smart TVs X3 will be available in India at the end of March.

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Infinix X3 smart TV range is available on Flipkart with the most relevant specifications.


  • Infinix X3, a Smart TV series, will debut in India soon.
  • HTML0It will be equipped with Android 11 OS, Built-in Chromecast, and Google Assistant support.
  • Infinix X3 The series of TVs with Smart features will be priced at a competitive price.

The Infinix X3 Smart TV model has been teased on Flipkart ahead of its scheduled release. In January, Infinix revealed its new X3 Smart TV range, which features 32-inch and 40-inch. In the announcement, Inifinix also shared some specifics regarding their X3 smart TVs. In addition, they revealed it would launch the Inifinix X3 Smart TV range will be a follow-up to Inifinix’s X1 series of Smart TVs, which was released in July the previous year. Inifinix has opted not to announce the X2 series because of reasons. However, the series has been presented on Flipkart with additional information. Let’s examine the list of features of the Ininix X3 Smart TV Series. It was provided to us.

The Infinix price of the smart TV X3 in India to be competitive

The Infinix X3, Smart TV series  indicates that the series is expected to be made available for India within the near time. The line-up is expected to be priced at a competitive price. The currently available Infinix X1 series starts at just Rs 12,999 for a basic 32-inch model and 17999 for the one with a 40-inch display.

Infinix X3 Smart TV series features

Infinix X3 smart TV range is available on Flipkart with the most relevant specifications.

Its Flipkart listings for the Infinix X3 smart TVs have shown it’s 32 inches in size, which comes with HD resolution. The model with a 40-inch screen comes with a Full HD+ resolution. Infinix X3, a Smart TV series, has an 85percent NTSC color gamut at 400 nits or more of peak brightness, HDR10, and HLG content. They are advertised as thin and without bezels frames with the body with a 96 percent screen ratio.

Infinix X3 Smart TVs can remote control via one-touch Google Assistant support, built-in Chromecast, and Android 11 OS. The remote on the smart TV comes with hotkeys that allow access to Netflix, Youtube, and Google Play. In addition, users have access to more than 5,000 apps and games through the Google Play Store. For audio, the TVs come equipped with a quad-speaker of 36W, which supports Dolby Audio. This is an improvement over models with 20W or 24W‚ÄĒthe X1 Series.