CybersecurityID fraud vs identity theft vs credit card theft:...

ID fraud vs identity theft vs credit card theft: what is the difference?


You’ve heard of ID fraud. You’re pretty sure you know what identity theft is. And you know someone who has had their credit card stolen. But aren’t they all the same thing – three sides of the same problem?

In a way, yes, they are. But the differences between identity theft, credit card theft, and ID fraud can help you appreciate what each is, spot the risks to you, and act accordingly.

What is identity theft?

Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
Aizaz was the first person to get a byline on his blog on technology from his home in Bannu in 2017. Then, he went on to a career in breaking things professionally at my electric sparks which is where he eventually took over the kit as a hardware editor. Today, as the senior editor of hardware for my electric sparks, he spends time reporting about the most recent developments in the hardware industry and technology. If he's not reporting on hardware or electronics, you'll see him trying to be as remote from the world of technology as possible through camping in the wild.


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