GUIDES HOW TOhow to update device drivers for Windows 10

how to update device drivers for Windows 10


You must take these steps to successfully update the device driver in Windows 10 using Device Manager.

how to update device drivers for Windows 10

Do you intend to upgrade the sound card drivers on your PC? Maybe you’re looking to upgrade the network card driver, which isn’t working? Or perhaps it’s your graphics card that is causing the problem, and you’d like to upgrade the driver for your Windows 10 PC? Don’t worry; you’re in the correct location. The driver update for the various devices you use on your Windows 10 computer is one of the many things you must note. In this guide, we’ll discuss how you can update the driver on your device to Windows 10.

how to update drivers for devices using Windows 10

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The majority of the time, the Windows 10 Microsoft operating system will automatically locate and install the appropriate drivers for devices connected to the PC; however, there are times when things don’t run smoothly. This is the reason I’ve decided to provide you with this tutorial that walks you through the different ways to install driver updates on Windows 10. Windows 10 machine.

Let’s take a look at how you can modify the drivers associated with the different hardware devices connected to your computer by following the steps in the following steps.

Method 1. Update Drivers with Device Management

  • The first thing that you must do is first open your Device Manager to Windows 10. To do this, click right on the start button, then select the Device Manager from the context menu.
  • In the brand-new Device Manager window, search for the driver for the device you’d like to upgrade. This can be done by expanding the available categories. If you’re not able to find the device, click on the name of your PC before clicking Scan for any changes to the hardware and double-check.
  • Once you’ve identified the device you’d like to update, connect it with the right mouse click and select Update Driver from the context menu, which pops up.
  • When you’ve installed drivers to your gadget or the manufacturer’s website, Select Find drivers to My Computer and then Browse to select the directory you downloaded the files into.
  • If you’re not downloading drivers, however, you are aware they are in the drivers that are already installed in place of Browse click
  • Choose from the available list of drivers available on your system, and select the most appropriate for your needs from the list shown to you.
  • If you haven’t downloaded the drivers, and you believe that they’re not accessible or aren’t sure which drivers to install, choose the first option to search for the driver automatically. Windows 10 will take care of everything else.
  • After selecting to search automatically for drivers in the “The most appropriate drivers for your PC have been installed”, a message appears, and you’re pretty sure that you’ve got the most recent drivers. Click the Search button to find drivers with the most recent versions in Windows Update.

Method 2. Update the device Drivers Using Software

There are a variety of programs that scan your PC to identify any components or devices employed and the drivers that have been installed and determine if there are any newer versions. However, the applications available are many and could not be trustworthy. Nevertheless, I’ll acknowledge that the Driver Easy program resolved a range of problems in various scenarios.

It is possible to download Driver Easy from its official website and then install it onto your personal computer. It comes in two versions, including the Basic (free) and Pro ($29.95 each year). This version is accessible in most cases, as it allows you to look over your computer, determine what devices need to be updated, and download the driver. The only disadvantage for Driver Easy is after you download the drivers, you’ll have to for a manual installation of the driver manually.

Everything you need to know about adequately upgrading the device driver to Windows 10.

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