How To Share Screen In Discord? [2021]


How To Share Screen In Discord

In this article we will tell you about the discord and how to share screen in discord:

Discord is an entirely free video, voice, and text chat app used by tens of millions of users aged 13+ to communicate and connect with their families and friends.

Users frequently use Discord to talk about numerous things, from family projects and art excursions to homework and mental health assistance. Discord serves as a community platform for groups of any size. However, it’s most commonly utilized by small and engaged groups that communicate frequently.

The majority of servers are invitation-only areas for community members to stay in contact and enjoy time with each other. There are other larger open communities typically centered around particular topics, including popular games like Minecraft and Fortnite. The conversations are all opt-in, which means that people have complete control of who they talk with and how they interact is on Discord is.

People are drawn to Discord as it’s a haven for their entire communities and friends groups. It’s a place where people have the freedom to express themselves and interact with people who have similar preferences and hobbies. There’s no algorithm to decide what content they should view or scroll through, and there’s no news feed. Discord conversations Discord is guided by common interests.

How To Share Screen In Discord

Discord Glossary

Discord has its language. You may hear your teenager or classmate using these terms in discussions about Discord.

Server: Servers are Discord’s spaces. They are run by particular communities as well as friend groups. Most servers are tiny and invite-only. A few larger servers are open to open to the public. Anyone can create an account for free and invite their friends onto it.

Channel: Discord servers are divided into voice and text channels. These are generally explicitly devoted to specific topics but might have their own rules.

  • On text-based channels, people can make posts or upload files and upload images that others can view at any moment.
  • People can join either a video or voice call in real-time and share their screen with friends in the voice channels. We refer to this as Go Live.

DMs and GDMs: Users can send private messages to others via direct messages (DM) and initiate calls via video or voice. The majority of DMs are one-on-one conversations. However, users can invite nine other people to join in the discussion, creating a private group DM with a maximum of ten members. Group DMs aren’t public and require an individual in the group to join.

Go Live: users can share their screens with others connected to a server or DM.

NitroNitro is the premium version of Discord’s subscription. Nitro has perks exclusive to customers, like the ability to personalize Your Discord Tag, the ability to create custom emotes for all servers, a greater limit for uploading files, and reduced Server Boosts.

Server BoostsIf you have a teenager who is enthusiastic about the community they belong to, they may be interested in boosting the community’s servers (or the Server they own). Similar to Nitro, the Server Boosts provide servers with unique benefits such as custom emotes and more, better video and voice quality, and the option to customize an invite link. Server Boosts are available together with Nitro or purchased on their own.

Student Hubs: Discord Hubs for Students allows students to authenticate their Discord account using their official student email and access an exclusive hub for students from their school. In the corner, students can connect with verified others, search for servers for classes or study groups, and share their servers for other pupils to join. Hubs are not associated with or controlled by schools or staff.

Students run servers within a Hub, but they may also include non-students. For more details on Hubs for students, please visit our FAQs. Hubs visit our 
Hubs for Students FAQs. Hubs FAQs.


How To Share Screen In Discord

There’s a vast selection of communication apps on the market that are great ways to remain in contact with family and friends. However, many of these apps are essential in their capabilities and features. Although most are texting apps that only allow basic texting, Some may also have video or voice calling features.

When compared with one another, Discord is leagues ahead of most other messaging apps. It comes with an array of unique and practical options for users. It is not just a way to make voice and video conversations; it also lets you use your computer’s screen for several users at once in case you need to.

If you’re not aware of the concept, you’ll appreciate this tutorial because we’ve got full instructions on how to screen share on Discord servers with ease. It is also possible to learn details about the screen sharing feature that is available in Discord in this guide and its benefits, capabilities, and more. Just follow this tutorial through the entire course.

Benefits of Screen Sharing in Discord

If you are looking to understand the process of sharing screen images on the Discord server, you will likely find that you’re not familiar with this feature. Due to this, you may be thinking about the advantages and most popular uses for this feature provided by Discord. It is good news that you’ll be happy to know that the screen sharing feature of Discord can be handy because it allows for the following benefits for users:

  • Discord users can easily share their screens, no regardless of their location, time zone, or the device they’re using.
  • If you’re sharing your screen, you’ll still be able to see all the content on your screen and verify your screen share stream if you need to.
  • Discord doesn’t require any extra software or add-ons needed to install onto your PC to utilize its screen sharing feature.
  • It is possible to access the Discord screen sharing on nearly every device, and also the ability to join them quickly.
  • If necessary, the screen share stream from your Discord could be recorded to be shared with other people if the caller could not join the call at a time.
  • Gamers who enjoy playing games on computers can share their gaming using the screen share feature to others to enjoy the game.
  • Its Discord display sharing function is perfect for offices, education, and businesses. Web support presentation, training, and much more.


Set Up Discord Video Call and Screen Share?

After you have learned more about the screen-sharing feature of Discord, you’d likely like to test it too. If that is the case, you’ll be glad to know that.
Discord is a breeze to use and is ideal for those who don’t know much about Discord generally. Therefore, we’re offering this complete guide on how to create a Discord screen sharing and video call that can join up to 10 users together in one call:

#1. Voice and Video Settings in Discord for Screen Sharing

Before making a screen sharing call on Discord, before making a screen sharing call, be sure that your settings for video and voice are set correctly. This is to check if you’re using the right audio or video devices to put together the screen-sharing call. To confirm this, it is necessary to verify Discord settings like this:

  • To open the Discord settings, you need to click the gear knob icon at the screen’s left-hand edge. This will access the Settings for Users—settings within Discord.
  • You must click on Discord’s Voice & Video tab from the menu on the left to view all the video and voice settings of Discord.
  • In this case, you must ensure that the right source and output device are chosen in the section Voice Settings. This section allows you to alter the volume of your output device and an input device.
  • If you’re interested in checking the microphone on your PC, press the”Let’s Check” button.
  • After the Voice Settings have been correct, you can go to the Video Setting and choose the appropriate webcam or video device on your personal computer.
  • Like that voice recording device, it is possible to test your webcam using the Test Video button.
  • In addition to these basic settings, you’ll add features such as echo cancellation, noise suppression attenuation, noise suppression, and vocal diagnostics, which help enhance the sound quality of your microphone to the level you’d like.


#2. Share Screen in a Discord Voice Channel Server

Once you’ve selected the appropriate audio and video settings from your Discord user settings, then you are now able to start sharing your screen with any Discord server you like. In most cases, you will prefer sharing your screen via the voice channel of any Discord server you frequently connect with friends. To make your screen available with this type of Voice channel, you have to take these steps.

  • Then, it would help if you began by opening the Discord account of your choice and then locating its voice channel in which you would like to connect your screen.
  • Then, click on the channel you want to connect with and begin making a call.
  • There is an option to enable your webcam feed or video and share your screen at the left-hand right.
  • You must select the Screen button, which opens a brand new tab that allows you to choose the window you want to open or a screen you prefer if your computer is equipped with multiple monitors.
  • After the screen or application is chosen, you can select options for frame rate, resolution, and audio settings for the screen sharing stream once you have selected the desired application or screen.
  • Then, click The Go Live button to start broadcasting your screen on the chosen voice channel.


#3. Screen Share In-Call Settings

If you’ve already begun the call via video or voice within Discord, You would like yourself as well as everyone else on the conversation to enjoy the most enjoyable experience. To ensure this, selecting the appropriate settings during the call is equally crucial. To achieve this, you should utilize the settings offered by Discord according to these directions:

  • In the screen sharing call, you’ll find four buttons at the bottom, where each one has a tiny lower arrow for opening the appropriate settings.
  • Click on the arrow on the monitor icon to access the settings for sharing your screen.
  • Here, you will access the stream quality feature that allows you to alter the frame rate and the resolution of your stream sharing screen.
  • It also has the choice of Change Windows, which allows you to switch between different programs or screens if your monitor is split between several monitors.


#4. Voice and Audio In-Call Settings

Alongside choosing the best screen sharing settings for your in-call call, you and others want to experience the most pleasant experience about the audio quality during the call sharing screen. In the end, Discord also provides audio and voice in-call settings, which can be altered quickly by following these steps:

  • Like the screen sharing in-call settings, you need to press the downward mouse icon for the microphone while you are in Screen Sharing in Discord.
  • This is where you can alter the input device and the output device to use Discord voice. These settings are excellent to ensure that you’re using the correct instruments to get the highest audio quality.


#5. Additional Steps for the Discord Web Browser Version

Users who use Discord using browsers rather than the Discord App will need to take slightly different steps when making a call. In addition, the settings mentioned above also come with various methods to change due to the slightly different interface for users of this version of the Discord internet browser.

It is good to know that making calls via voice or video call using this version of the Discord web browser is quite simple as you will look at the following screenshot:

  • To start a screen-sharing call, open the Friends tab, and then click the three dots beside your friend’s name to select or choose the Start Video Call or the Start Voice Call option according to your preferences.
  • You can also message anyone and then click on either the Voice Call or the Video Call icons located in the upper right-hand corner of your screen once you are inside the Chat window with the friend.
  • Similar processes are utilized to place video or audio calls when using the Discord application using either an Android or iOS device.


Features offered by Discord Screen Share Feature

Although we’ve already explained most of the information concerning this Discord screen-sharing feature, some might want to know more. For more specific information, this is where we will provide all the features that are offered via Discord.

Discord screen-sharing feature. If you know the capabilities provided via this Discord screen sharing option, you can utilize it to its maximum extent. If you’re planning to share your screens with Discord, ensure that you are aware of the features that are listed below:

#1. Expanding your Screen

If you’re watching your screen sharing chat or viewing someone else’s display, the default view might be too small, which makes it difficult to read. Fortunately, Discord allows you to grow the size of the shared screen quickly.

It is as easy as clicking the arrow on the right side of the screen to extend the screen to the maximum size to allow you to view all of the content. You can also click the fullscreen icon in the lower right corner to cover your entire display, with the screen sharing with you in the Discord call.

#2. Switching between Video Calls and Screen Sharing

As previously mentioned, Discord can be used for video calls and screen sharing. It is possible to switch between a video chat and screen sharing or reverse the process in some instances.

To do this, it is possible to use the two control icons in the lower-left corner of your screen, as mentioned earlier. It would help if you first ended screen sharing or video calls by pressing these buttons and then activating the second one to switch between them quickly.

#3. Leaving Voice and Video Calls

When you’ve had a conversation with your family or friends via video, voice, or even shared screen and you want to cut off the exchange. With Discord, it is simply because you can find a vast red-colored disconnect button in the lower-left corner of the screen.

This will allow you to quit the call, even if all the others are engaged in the conversation.

#4. Mute your Voice

Suppose you’d like to speak to other people in your space or leave your computer during a phone call so that you don’t leave the conversation but don’t disrupt others in the same way it is recommended to consider muting your voice your microphone.

To do this, Discord offers a microphone icon in the left-hand corner. Click it once to turn off your voice microphone, and then click it once repeatedly to enable your microphone quickly and effortlessly.

#5. Switch to Full-Screen Mode

If you’re playing an online game or video on a screen-sharing call on Discord, You can also set the screen shared into a full-screen mode so that you can quickly and correctly watch every single thing.
It is possible to do this by clicking the full-screen mode icon at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. To exit this mode, just press the escape key on your keyboard.

#6. Pin a Person to the Screen Center

If you are making a video conference or a screen-sharing call on Discord, you will likely have multiple members in the group. It can be challenging to concentrate on a single screen in this scenario, or an individual’s video feed could be complex.

Fortunately, Discord allows you to pin people towards the center of the display within an expanded view for a better experience when viewing. To do this process, hit the profile picture of the person you want to pin and choose the pin option. This will expand the shared screen or video feed and place it in the center of the net for more convenient watching.

#7. Change Screens during Screen Share

Suppose your computer is equipped with multiple monitors, or you are running multiple programs in parallel in addition to Discord. In that case, there may be numerous situations where you’d prefer to switch between diverse sources when you are in the Screen sharing Discord call. Fortunately, Discord allows you to make this happen from the call screens sharing options.

Switch between two apps or two monitors and even between an app and an actual monitor. The most appealing thing is that even switching between these two options, you’ll be linked to the Discord calls for all time.

How to Record and Share your Screen?

As previously mentioned, it is possible to have several instances when you have placed an online screen-sharing call on Discord, and not all participants were capable of joining on time. 

Because such participants could be unable to join the conversation, Some of you may be looking to record your screen to share the screen in the future. It’s a good idea to do this if you’re using a Windows PC; this is pretty simple to do as there are many ways to capture as well as share the screen, as described here:

  • First, recording the screen for later sharing requires that your computer include the Nvidia graphics card installed on it. If you’ve got the same card, then you’ll be able to connect and download the Nvidia GeForce Experience utility on your PC.

    It lets you record your screen with the graphics card. This implies that the computer won’t slow down even when making your video. Once it has been recorded, it will show you a variety of sharing options, including the ability to share it directly to social media sites.

  • Even if your computer does not possess that Nvidia GPU, you may be able to capture your screen without using most of your system resources. If you own a laptop running Windows 10 or newer, it’ll have Xbox Game Bar functionality in it.

    While this feature is intended to improve the gaming capabilities of your computer but it also gives you the option of recording your screen. It is as easy as pressing Windows Key + G on your keyboard to open an Xbox Game Bar where you can click”Record” to capture or share your screens in a snap.

  • If you have a robust system can think about OBS to record the screen you are using and then share it with others. While it will use many system resources to record your screen, it’s an excellent choice due to its numerous options and features.

    In addition to taking screen recordings, OBS will stream your screen to streaming websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and many others. And the best thing is that you can include many overlays or effects and widgets for both your recordings and streams with OBS.


How to share your screen in a voice channel on Discord?

How To Share Screen In Discord
How To Share Screen In Discord

Users were previously capable of sharing their Screens during private calls. However, this has changed before, thanks to the Discord Go Live feature. When you go live, you’re broadcasting your Screen live to anyone on that same channel that you are. People who want to view your Screen must be a part of the channel. This means that you’ll have access to anyone who’s logged into your feed.

  • Start Discord and join an audio channel on an internet server.
  • There’s a Screen button on the panel for voice status in the lower-left corner of the window of Discord.
    • It’s the same panel from which you’ll be able to turn off your microphone and headset.
  • After you click Screen, the Screen will open, and a new window will appear and ask you if you would like to share your entire Screen or only one application you are currently using.
    • If you select an application, users will remain in the application even after you exit it.
  • After choosing the quality of your stream and window settings After, press the Share button located near the end of the Screen.
    • The sharing process on your Screen will begin automatically after clicking the Share icon. You’ll hear a sound to confirm it.

If you’re looking to spectate someone’s Screen who is live-streaming/sharing their Screen, you’ll need to join that channel first. Once you’ve done that, you can click their username; then, their feed will be displayed in a tiny form to the right. Select their meal, and you’ll be able to watch it on full-screen.

How to share your screen in a private voice call on Discord?

How To Share Screen In Discord
How To Share Screen In Discord

While most Discord users are on servers populated by hundreds of other users, you can also initiate conversations with private voice with your acquaintances. The calls are invitation-based. Therefore, you’ll have to invite anyone who wants to join in the ring.

  • Look up that profile for your buddy. Start an audio or video chat with them.
  • They’ll have to accept your call before being allowed to display your screen.
  • If you and your partner are talking, You should see the screen icon with an arrow.
  • After you click on the Screen Share icon, a new window will appear where you can make final adjustments before sharing your screen.
    • You’ll have the option of choosing the application you’d like to stream or share your entire screen using this pop-up. You can also choose to stream your full screen while you alter the quality settings also.
  • You’re already; click on the Go Live button to start sharing your screen.
    • There’ll be a voice signal that will play for you and all participants on the call, signaling that you’re sharing your screen.

The same icon you clicked to share your display will allow you to end streaming. You can also leave a phone call to stop the sharing process.

How to share your smartphone screen on the Discord app?

How To Share Screen In Discord
How To Share Screen In Discord
How To Share Screen In Discord
How To Share Screen In Discord

The above methods allow you to live to stream your screen across Windows and Mac devices. You don’t need to install Discord to Livestream your screen as the web app comes with the same features. This isn’t as straightforward as it is for mobile devices. However, mobile users had to wait long to stream their screens via Discord.

The developer launched the feature to Android and iOS devices at the close of 2020, allowing mobile users to take part in the enjoyment.

To share your smartphone’s screen during a private conversation:

  • Open the Discord app and begin an audio call with one person.
  • When you both are connected, and in a call, you will see a Screen Share icon featuring a phone in front of the video call button and the mute button.
  • Click on the Screen Share icon.
    • The user will be presented with an Android or iOS warning that says Discord can be used to view every aspect of your screen because that you’ll record it. You’ll have to click OK, or I Accept on most Android devices to continue, and there’ll be an additional Start Broadcasting button for iOS users.

The procedure is similar if you’d prefer to connect your screen via an audio server.

  • You’ll have to sign up for an audio channel on a server before you can join.
  • After you sign up to the channel with a voice, you will see a screen located on the bottom of your display will be displayed.
    • This panel will have video calls screen share, screen sharing, microphone toggle and the sound toggle button, and the disconnect button.
  • Select to click the Screen Share button, the phone icon that has an arrow to the right.
  • After you accept the different system warnings, you’ll start sharing your screen with anyone on your voice channel.


Why people love Discord

Below, you’ll find some of our top stories on the activities of people on Discord and why they enjoy the service. There are many more details about how people use Discord in this article.

Cyndie, the mother of two children from North Carolina, reflects on how her family utilizes Discord:

“There is a group of four, and we are using Discord installed on both our laptops and phones. My oldest son lives in an apartment, and the younger one is at the campus. We utilize Discord to plan family events. Everything is dropped onto the server. From food preparation to job opportunities and internships. Most of the time, it’s the ridiculous, absurd things we throw in that make us laugh, such as when there’s a Weird Al question on Jeopardy. I cannot imagine my living without it. “

Genavieve Genavieve, a high school student from California, discusses the way her class uses Discord:

“I’ve been using Discord for the last two years as my main communication with my friends. We had too many people in our group chat and wanted a platform for all to communicate. Discord is a great way for a friend group of thirty people to stay in touch! With distance learning in place, I’ve also started using it with my AP Physics class. It’s been so important to feel connected to our teachers and each other when we are so isolated and in such a difficult class.

Using Discord brought us closer together as a class — we are already a small class of 22 students, so being able to joke around and send memes helps us not feel so alone during distance learning
The different channels and @mentions make it much easier to keep information straight. Screenshare makes it even easier, so we can show each other documents or problems we are working on to get feedback or troubleshooting advice.

David, the math and physics teacher located in New Jersey, talks about how he instructs students and interacts with other teachers through Discord:


“I use Discord to tutor one of my students and to stay up to date with conversations and announcements in a group of physics teachers interested in physics education research. It’s nice to see a side-by-side camera view of my desk with the student’s work. I also like that the OPUS codec audio sounds very clean. “


Suppose you’re looking to use your screen to share information to work, education and business, tutorials or entertainment, support for the web, or any other purpose. In that case, there are plenty of applications that do similar purposes.

Even though these apps perform well, they are not very advanced in terms of their features for the most part. This is the reason why Discord is an excellent choice since it lets you share more than just your screen.

If you’re not aware of the screen sharing feature in Discord and want to know how to use it, the complete guide on how to share screens on Discord servers that we have provided above is intended for those who aren’t. We’ve covered every aspect of screen sharing in the Discord screen shark feature, as well as the best way to use it in this article.

If you’ve read all of the details on screen share on Discord Server, be sure to leave your opinions in the comments section. There is also the option to ask questions there if you have any!

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