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How To Set up Find My on Apple Watch?

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Aizaz khan
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Setting up “Find My” on your iPhone will give you access to your Apple device. It is important to note that the Apple Watch has no settings, so you must do this using your iPhone. This feature will automatically be activated on the Apple watch. It is necessary to follow these steps to enable Find My using an iPhone.

Step 1. Navigate to the Settings menu on your iPhone.

Step 2. Click on the name of your account that is located at the top.

Step 3: Look for Find My.

Step 4. Switch on the option to Find My iPhone.

step5. The Enable Offline Finder option must be turned on.

Step 6: Turn on Send Last Location.

How To Find Lost Apple Watch?

In your iPhone: Your iPhone will find the Apple Watch and other Apple devices such as AirPods or Macbook. To do this, you must enable Find My iPhone on the connected iPhone. Once you’ve set up the account, the Apple watch will activate the app. Follow these steps to locate your Apple Watch on your iPhone.

Find my On your iPhone

Step 1. To access your iPhone start the application Locate My iPhone.

Step 2. Click on the choice for devices.

Step 3. Click on the Apple Watch to display its present position on the world map.

4. Click Directions to navigate to your location that was last identified.

  1. On your computer

You’ll be able to see your Apple watch on any computer. It is possible to do this from any web browser by following these steps.

Step 1. Use any internet browser and then go on to

Step 2. Sign in using Your Apple ID to sign in.

Step 3. Select the option to Find iPhone.

find iphone

Step 4: Select ALL Devices by selecting the menu drop-down.

all devices

Step 5: Click on Apple Watch.

Find Lost Apple Watch Using iOS.

iOS devices include the application Find My for finding lost Apple products. It’s compatible with the entire range of iOS devices and allows you to download it at no cost. All you need do is visit the App Store and download it directly to your tablet or smartphone. After downloading, you’ll need to follow these steps to locate the Apple watch on iOS.

Step 1. Start the “Find Me ” Find My” application.

Step 2: Select ” Devices.”

Step 3. On the list of connected iOS devices, search for an Apple watch.

Step 4: The watch will then be able to see the location of your Apple watch.

5. Step 5: Tap ” Play Sound” to cause your Apple watch to play sounds. This will allow you to find the Apple watch quickly.

Be aware that your Apple watch needs to be linked to an Apple ID.

Find Lost Apple Watch Using iCloud.

There may be situations where you don’t have an Apple device to locate the missing Apple watch. It is possible to perform the task from any computer with an internet connection. These are the steps you must follow.

First step: Visit in any browser for your computer.

Step 2. Sign in using an Apple ID and password.

Step 3. Click on the option to locate the iPhone in the grid of icons.

find iphone

Step 4: Select ” All Devices.”

all devices

Step 5. Hit the Apple watch.

6th step: You’ll be able to view the location of your Apple watch.

7th Step: Hit “Play Sound” in the upper right corner.

What To Do When Unable to Locate Apple Watch?

If the battery on your Apple watch is not functioning, the watch will not be capable of playing the sound. It will also be unable to find it and use the application. However, it will provide the last location known to it. If you are using the Apple Watch is connected to Wi-Fi, it will not give its location.

The smartwatch also needs to be associated with the mobile network. If you cannot find your Apple Watch, the only option is to go to the last reported location. But, if you fail to make a mistake once more, you may put it in the Lost Mode. Apple Watch in the Lost Mode.

Enable Lost Mode For Apple Watch From iPhone

Users can disable the watch if they turn on Lost Mode for the Apple Watch. It also assists in locating any alerts if discovered. You can disable lost mode for your Apple watch after following these steps.

Step 1. If you have an iOS device, choose ” Devices” at the bottom.

Step 2. From the selection of devices connected, choose the Apple watch. Apple watches.

Step 3. Under the menu ” Mark As Lost“, Click”Activate. ” Activate.”

Step 4. To confirm, you’ll need to tap it once more.

Step 5. Select any number to be shown after you have the Apple Watch formally established by somebody. You can also type in your message, then tap “Done” for the default message from Apple.

find my watch

Enable Lost Mode For Apple Watch From a Mac

Not just your iPhone, you can switch off Lost Mode for the Apple watch on your computer. Your computer should be connected to the internet. Below are some steps to do the identical.

First step: Log on to in any web browser.

Step 2. Sign in using your Apple ID and passcode.

Step 3. Click on the button ” Find iPhone” from the grid of icons.

find iphone

Step 4: Click on ” All Devices.”

all devices

5. Pick your Apple watch. Now you will see the last location for this Apple watch.

6. Hit ” Lost Mode” in the upper right corner.

lost mode of iphone

7. You can enter any telephone number displayed on the Apple watch’s locater. Apple watches. There is also the option to send a text message.

Step 8: Click “Done” to enable Lost Mode.


Your watch is costly, and you don’t want it to disappear. There are many options to find the lost Apple watch. You can follow any of the steps above to locate the last or current place of the Apple watch. Although this feature can be beneficial, you shouldn’t forget about the Apple watch. It is also possible to enable Lost Mode if you cannot locate your look. Disabling Lost Mode can be done quickly via your iPhone or laptop.

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