Whatever keyboard you want for either Pc or MacBook we have best wireless keyboards reviews below make sure to look at its features.

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best wireless keyboard
Image credits : cnet

Whatever Mac you have, be it a MacBook Pro or an iMac–there’s an excellent chance you’ll get some tangible advantages from upgrading your keyboard. For laptop customers, adding a larger keyboard (and an external monitor) can increase your productivity, making your workspace more efficient as well as more comfortable. It’s a good thing, too. Your wrists appreciate it. Apple’s legendary Magic Keyboard is stylish and well-known is, lacking features and comforts that make it the top keyboard for Macs, particularly those who prefer the touch of mechanical buttons.

Finding the right keyboard for you isn’t always simple. More than other pieces of hardware for computers, There isn’t an ideal keyboard that is suitable for all. If you’re a Mac person, choices are more restricted, particularly if you require a keyboard with an Apple-style layout. It’s better than the more usable. However, it isn’t as exact as the Windows “default.”

Fortunately, there are plenty of options that were designed with Mac customers in mind; although there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, the half-dozen options below will meet the requirements of the majority of Mac users.


What we did to select the most suitable keys for Macs

As someone who types daily, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about keyboards throughout the years and have played with a myriad of options, ranging between ergonomic and mechanical keyboards, as well as everything between. To select the keyboards on this selection, I relied on my own experiences as a journalist who covered technology for websites such as Engadget, Popular Mechanics, and Reviewed and also used a variety of other sources ranging from professional reviews to forums for fans and user feedback to identify the most effective options accessible for Macs.

What are the things to think about before purchasing a new Mac keyboard?

The keyboards that we chose on this list are designed specifically with Mac users in mind, or at the very least, have specific keys for Mac that you can switch in. In addition, they differ in a significant way. They differ in terms of price, size, and capabilities. It’s worth investing the time and effort into what you’d like to get from the keyboard.

A few of our choices, including ergonomic and mechanical options, make a huge change from the laptop-like, thin keyboard Mac fans are accustomed to. It is also important to think about your keyboard’s location and method of use. Wireless connectivity is an important consideration if you frequently connect it to many devices or move it around often. If you cannot leave the Mac and keyboard on the desk, it might make sense to choose the wired option.

What size of keyboard do you need?

If your desk space isn’t the primary issue, you should consider which keyboard size would best suit your requirements. If you are a frequent user working with spreadsheets, you’ll probably need an entire-size keyboard that comes with an exclusive number pad. However, you could make space for the keyboard that does not have one (also called the 10keyless keyboard) when you don’t need to crunch numbers often.

Certain keyboards reduce the size of keys to save space, while “compact” designs maintain the full-size keys but reduce the number of keys to a minimum. The most commonly used sizes, such as 60 percent or 65% of keyboards, definitely reduce space, but they may also depend too much on shortcuts or key combinations for certain people.

Wireless or wired?

There are fewer technological trade-offs when selecting the wireless keyboard than five years ago. However, some nuances make wireless worthy of it. There are still plenty of reasons to choose the wired version.

Wireless keyboards are more comfortable and can reduce clutter, but Bluetooth keyboards could be affected by interference if there are numerous wireless signals in the vicinity. Users who require unreachable delay should consider wireless keyboards that connect via the 2.4GHz radio frequency via a USB dongle. It requires an open USB-A port — which could be a requirement on certain Macs–the signal tends to be faster and more reliable.

There’s also the issue of the battery’s lifespan. Certain wireless keyboards utilize AAA or standard AAA batteries that will provide you with months of usage but produce waste when they die. Therefore, ensure you purchase a battery rechargeable if you choose that way. Other models have an internal battery which you can recharge using USB.

Of course, keyboards with wired connections do not suffer from issues with wireless connectivity. They don’t even require charging. This makes a keyboard with a wired connection an extremely reliable and reliable option. They’re also typically cheaper. A wired cable may seem to be a major hassle; however, it adds only a small amount of clutter to most permanent or semi-permanent computers.

What kind of keys would you need?

Every keyboard is a beast of a job. No matter what you purchase, you will need to use it every day for a long time. The most crucial aspect to consider about any keyboard is how keys are felt when you hit them. The most crucial decision to make regarding “typing feeling” is whether you’d prefer a mechanical keyboard named after the mechanisms beneath each key that “actuate” to trigger every input. The mechanism does not just allow you to type more precisely and gives you a better tangible feel and a distinct clickety-clack sound as you type.

Mechanical keyboards went out of fashion for a time but have seen a revival in popularity in the past ten years with gamers and tech-savvy enthusiasts. Mechanical keyboards are generally more expensive than other types because they have many working parts. Still, they are also popular with people who claim they provide a more enjoyable touch experience.

The mechanical keyboard option could be like going through a rabbit hole. However, it’s an enjoyable one. A little small amount of research can assist you in finding the perfect keyboard to match your preferences, whether it’s the traditional clickety-clack sound that has a firmer, more tactile feedback or a quieter option that’s easier to use.

Non-mechanical keyboards offer various options, ranging from Laptop-style “scissor-switch” keys, which are designed to be as light as is feasible, to rubber domes and “membrane” keyboards that simplify the mechanical switch, thereby reducing costs. The simplest and cheapest keyboards are very sluggish and unresponsive. However, they’re generally quieter. Also, “low profiles” keyboards that do not press as deeply don’t replicate the quick press of laptop keyboards. Therefore, you might want to stay with the ones you are familiar with.

Which features will you require?

Keyboards can range from a basic box of keys to expensive hubs that include RGB lighting media controls and a USB passthrough port. Depending on the way you work with your Mac, you’ll need to know which of those bells and whistles you’d like, and should they be included, they could hinder your work.

In terms of the options of customization and features, gaming keyboards generally be the best, though they may not be the best choice for Mac users since they typically employ a Windows layout. This list tends to emphasize typing over other options; however, there are plenty of keyboards worth considering. Certain keyboards have additional functions and macro keys or additional features like volume knobs and media keys, which could be more convenient for certain users than other models. In the case of wireless keyboards, some can connect to and switch between different devices. This is a must-have based on your configuration but may well be ignored by others.

If typing is uncomfortable, you might want to consider an ergonomic keyboard.

You may find your keyboard difficult to use, or you’re trying to avoid any discomfort in the future. It’s a good idea to think about an ergonomic keyboard designed to reduce the risk of causing injuries from repetitive strain. Ergonomic keyboards come with a “split” design that splits the keys into two sections, so they can be used without straining your shoulders, arms, or back. The split may be divided into a single keyboard, but others feature two sides that can be adjusted to suit your body. They may take a bit of becoming used to. However, they could be a huge help for those who suffer from the pain of typing all day.

It’s important to remember that there’s not enough evidence to prove that ergonomic keyboards stop injuries from repetitive strain. However, anecdotally, many users who experience pain while typing claim that they are less sensitive to it. According to our experience, this is enough to create a split keyboard that is worthwhile to consider.

The most reliable keyboards for Macs Review & Recommendations

Our selections of the top keyboards for Mac try to accommodate all possible use-cases with just a few choices. They range from lightweight and budget-friendly to premium products for productivity and even tactile options for those who want to play. However, since these keyboards all come with the Mac-style layout, you might notice some mistakes. Compatible with Mac gaming keyboards like the ones listed above do not come with the Mac layout. They’re all great keyboards, but you won’t be disappointed choosing one of these models.

best wireless keyboard
image credits: Logitech

The reason it was chosen:  The Logitech MX Keys has a superior feel and is suitable for multi-computer setups.


  • Formulation factorFull-Size
  • Dimensions:17″ x 5.2″ x 0.8″
  • Types of connections:2.4 GHz wireless, Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz wireless.Bluetooth (USB-C to charge only)
  • Key Type: Scissor-switch
  • Backlight: Yes (white)
  • Life of the battery:10 Days (5 months with the backlight turned off)
  • Additional features include: Proximity, ambient light sensors, support for multi-devices


  • Easy switching between multiple devices
  • Fast USB-C charging
  • Appearance and appearance match Mac
  • Smart backlighting


  • Laptop-style keys aren’t for everyone.

If you’re satisfied with keyboards that look like laptops, however, you’d like additional features and more ease of use, then the Logitech MX keyboards on Mac are sure to check all the boxes that are right for you. The version specifically designed for Mac users of Logitech’s premium “Master” keyboard improves the traditional “magic keyboard” experience by offering sculpted, concave keys that are designed to fit your fingers, making the typing experience more enjoyable. Its flexibility is a major benefit, as you can connect to more than three devices (or two devices, a Mac along with an iPad) through 2.4 wireless at 2.4GHz and Bluetooth and switch between them by pressing one button. The MX Keys is the rare third-party Mac equipment that feels right at home when paired with the Macbook or iMac; however, it offers a distinct upgrade over the original Apple alternative.


best wireless keyboard
image credits : apple

What got the nod: Apple’s Magic Keyboard delivers the finest experience of Apple keyboard experience. Mac enthusiasts are used to, but with more keys and Touch ID.


  • Formulation factor full-size
  • Size:16.5″ x 4.5″ x 0.8″
  • Type of connection: Bluetooth (USB-C charging)
  • Type of key: Scissor-switch
  • Backlight: No
  • The battery life is“About one month.”
  • Additional features include: Touch Key ID and Multimedia keys


  • Built-in Touch ID
  • USB-C charging
  • Fantastic build high-end


  • Keys that are low-profile and flat aren’t the most tactile experience.
  • Touch ID support is only available for M1 Macs only.

Apple’s new Signature Magic Keyboard, updated in 2021, features a pleasant function that lets it be as It’s its magic again. It comes with a Touch ID key in the top-right corner, which allows you to sign in quickly and purchase certain items at the touch of one button, which is a benefit that you typically have to offer when you use a third-party keyboard.

The larger version with a full set of keys and an indexed number pad provides the most significant change over the standard laptop keyboard. It also comes with a compact version if space is an issue. Both models come with built-in batteries with USB-C charging that could last for up to a month of usage or less on a charge.

One drawback: The new keyboards can only be used with newer Macs with the Apple M1 chipset. If your Mac is an older version, Apple still sells the older Magic Keyboard without Touch ID.


What got the nod: The Das Keyboard 4 eliminates some of the uncertainty of mechanical keyboards by providing the highest-end, off-the-shelf solution with various benefits.


  • Format factor Full-size
  • Size:13″ x 5.7″ x 1.4″
  • Connectivity: USB-C
  • Key Type: Mechanical (Cherry MX Blue or Brown)
  • Backlight: No
  • Life of the battery: N/A
  • Other Features: Volume knob and media controls, 2 Port USB 3.0 hub


  • Option of Cherry MX Brown or Blue switches
  • Inbuilt the volume knob and controls, as well as media control as well as a USB hub
  • Thin in comparison to mechanical keyboard standards


  • There is no backlighting

You can take the route of customizing and making an electronic keyboard that is entirely customized to your requirements; however, Das Keyboard 4 Professional is a great choice. Das Keyboard 4 Professional is unbeatable if you want a top-quality solution straight from the box. It is possible to select between the clicky Cherry MX Blue or softer MX Brown switches, but the functions remain the same throughout the board. It comes with a convenient oversized volume knob and built-in media controls, a dual-port USB hub, and an adjustable “football” that elevates the keyboard and a ruler. Das Keyboard 4 Das Keyboard 4 also has an extremely thin profile for a keyboard; however, it isn’t backlit, which is unsatisfactory for a wired keyboard at this price point.


The reason it got the nod: A split mechanical keyboard designed with customization in mind, The Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB is an uncompromising option for those also concerned about comfort and quality of typing.


  • Type factor TCL, Split
  • Size:15.5″ x 10.25″ x 1.25″
  • Types of connections: USB
  • Type of Key: Mechanical (multiple options)
  • Backlight: Yes (RGB)
  • Life of the battery: N/A
  • Other attributes: Dedicated keys that can be programmed and controlled, custom lighting as well as a removable palm rest


  • Fully divided Design with ergonomics
  • Different Mechanical Key Switches with various options
  • Filled with features


  • Expensive
  • Mac key set costs extra

It’s not a gaming keyboard; first and foremost, however, the Kinesis Freestyle Edge’s Design of an electronic keyboard with an ergonomic layout is sure to please those who want to have the most comfortable typing experience. The RGB in the name refers to the keyboard’s vibrant backlighting, altered with a vivid pattern or completely turned off if you don’t need an excessive bright display. As with other top gaming keyboards, this one comes with an array of additional options, such as the macro keys, customized for any game or application.

The Freestyle Edge comes in four different mechanical switch options that meet your needs for typing. However, you’ll need to pay more to get a set of Mac keys that you can replace.


best wireless keyboards
image credits: Keychron

Why it made it to the list: Small and versatile, The Keychron K12 offers wireless capabilities as well as a wide range of customization options that aren’t costing you a fortune.


  • Type factor 60 percent
  • Size:11.7″ x 4.2″ x 1.5″
  • ConnectivityBluetooth (USB-C for charging)
  • Type of Key: Mechanical (multiple options)
  • Backlight: Optional (White or RGB)
  • The battery life is two Months (non-backlit version), 72-68 hours (White and backlighting with RGB on)
  • Additional features include: Multi-device Support, completely customizable


  • Many customization options
  • It can be used wired or wirelessly
  • Simple, minimalist design


  • The design may be too small and sleek for certain

If desk space is an issue or you’re looking for a product that is easy to move around and transport, There are many reasons to choose a compact keyboard instead of an entire size board that has an arrow pad. It’s the Keychron K12 60-percent keyboard pares down its layout to only essentials, with no numbers pads, arrow keys, and function keys packed into the smallest possible space.

While the layout may be basic but the keyboard’s design isn’t. This Keychron K12 is wireless and can join three different devices and then switch among the three. Similar to Keychron’s other keyboards, you can also avail a variety of customization options available to the hardware like backlighting, putting on an aluminum frame, as well as the choice of mechanical or optical switches.

best wireless keyboard
image credits: Logitech

The reason it got the nod: The Logitech K380’s slim dimensions and a variety of features make it suitable for a variety of applications and will not cost a fortune.


  • Formulation factor impact
  • Size:11″ x 4.9″ x 0.6″
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth (2 x AAA batteries)
  • Type of key: Scissor-switch
  • Backlight: No
  • Life of the battery: Two years
  • Other features include: Multi-device support, white or Rose color choices


  • Small and light
  • Multi-device support
  • Affordable


  • Small keys that are round will not be suitable for everyone.
  • Uses AAA batteries

In terms of low-cost, carry-anywhere keyboards can go, Logitech’s K380 is hard to beat. It’s a great everyday keyboard for an office setup, and it’s not heavy enough to allow you to carry it around and put it into a bag with your iPad whenever you need to work in the field. Like Logitech’s MX Keys, the K380 allows you to change between 3 different keyboards with the touch of a button.

It’s not without a caveat for this kind of price. Like many other wireless peripherals for sale K380, the K380 depend on batteries that can be reused that generate e-waste throughout the battery. But, one pair of AAA batteries can last between two and three years, so it’s not that you’re throwing batteries into the garbage regularly. The keycaps are also round that some like, but aren’t suitable an option for everyone.


Q Do all keyboards function with Macs? Mac?

In the 1980s and the ’90s, Mac and PC keyboards (like many other items, Mac and PC) were not compatible. This hasn’t been the case for a long time. However, it’s not the case anymore. All USB and Bluetooth keyboard is technically compatible with Macs. Mac. There are a few issues to consider; first, Macs have a different layout for keyboards compared to Windows devices, and most keyboards use an identical Windows layout. The use of one requires getting used to certain quirks, for instance, making use of Windows keys. For instance, you can use the Windows keyboard instead of the Command key if you opt for the Windows keyboard. Additionally, many keyboards come with the ability to configure them, which lets you remap keys and customize specific features. A small number of companies produce software that works on the Mac, and therefore, when you purchase a Windows-based keyboard, you’ll have to be aware of the software.

Q: Do you have the ability to use a Mac keyboard on the iPad?

If you’re planning to connect your keyboard to your iPad (or an iPhone or any other device, for that matter), the best solution is to find an electronic keyboard that works with Bluetooth. It is also possible to connect a USB-C keyboard to your iPad using wired connections. It is possible that you could also connect a wired keyboard using a USB-A cable. However, you’ll require a USB-to-Lightning Adapter that makes the entire setup quite cumbersome and unpractical.

Q What is a Logitech keyboard compatible with Mac?

Logitech produces many of the most sought-after gaming and productivity keyboards and is among the top choices for Mac users. There are fewer Mac-specific keyboards than PC models. They are all well-made and have Mac-compatible software. Alongside the two keyboards we highlighted above, an MX Keys Mini is another option. MX Keys Mini is also worth looking into for those who don’t require an additional number pad, as are it’s the Craft Wireless Keyboard, which was designed with the needs of creative professionals in mind.

Last thoughts about the top Mac keyboards Mac

Mac users might not have the same number of Windows users’ keyboard options, but they’re all that deficient in quality options. For those looking to get their work done with an enjoyable instrument, many alternatives are more reliable than what we could add to this list. There are many options, even more by looking at Windows keyboards, which may be more suitable for gamers specifically. Still, the comfort of the Mac keyboard layout will probably override any other benefits for the majority of Mac users.

A new keyboard might not be among the most costly upgrades you can do to your PC, but it could be one of the most significant and long-lasting changes. This makes choosing the best one that much more essential.