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How to uninstall Samsung Wallet from your Galaxy device

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Aizaz khan
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Every OEM comes with its unique features on Android. This is mainly in the instance of Samsung Wallet, which has an application for almost everything, including the pay-by-touch method. If you don’t wish to use Samsung Wallet, you can remove it from your device, uninstall or uninstall it, and turn off home screen shortcuts. Here’s how.

What is Samsung Wallet?

On June 1, Samsung unveiled a new application for Galaxy devices. It was designed to replace what was initially Samsung Pay and combine the features of Samsung Pass with Samsung Pass. The app was designed to keep IDs, debit, and credit cards, along with different cards and passes. The app is called Samsung Wallet.

The latest version claims to make it easier for users to use what people are used to when it comes to payments and passes concerned. However, some people may prefer using Google Wallet. Following this release, some users reported that Samsung Wallet installed itself on their Galaxy devices. Due to this, Samsung Wallet’s home screen gestures are activated by default and are virtually impossible to utilize with gesture controls to navigate.

Disabling Samsung Wallet’s terrible home screen gesture

One of the most precise indicators of a Samsung Wallet being active on your device is when you try to use gesture controls. Swiping up will bring you to the home screen while swiping down and down will launch the most recent apps.

The Samsung Wallet method of accessing your preferred payment method is an easy swipe from below the display. However, you will be tempted to pull out a credit card each when you’re looking to return to the home screen. This gesture-based shortcut feature is a disaster. Period. Here’s how to turn off this shortcut on the Samsung Wallet home screen shortcut:

  1. On your device, head to the Samsung Wallet app.
  2. Hit the Menu at the bottom, then press the Settings cog on the upper-right.
  3. Tap Quick access.
  4. Hit Access locations and the default card.
  5. Turn off the homepage display and wherever else you do not want to be accessible to Samsung Wallet.

If you close your phone and then open it, you’ll be able to swipe the left side to open an alternative application. You may choose to change that shortcut into GPay when you’d like. If so, swiping left from the left side will allow you to use a touchless payment.

How do I remove Samsung Wallet?

If you’d like to delete Samsung Wallet, there’s no reason to stop you from doing so. Samsung does not make it difficult to remove the application from your device altogether, even if you have never installed it. Here’s how to remove Samsung Wallet on your Galaxy device:

  1. On your Galaxy device, swipe up to access your app drawer.
  2. Search for or find Samsung Wallet.
  3. When you locate the app, long-tap the application.
  4. Tap Uninstall.
  5. Make sure you can remove it by clicking Ok.

Now, if you lock your phone and wake it you’ll be able to swipe from the left and open a different app. You can choose to switch this shortcut to GPay if you want. In that case, swiping from the left will still open a touchless payment option.

How to uninstall Samsung Wallet

If you want to remove Samsung Wallet altogether, there’s nothing stopping you. Samsung doesn’t make it impossible to uninstall the app from your device, even though you may not remember ever installing it, to begin with. Here’s how to uninstall Samsung Wallet on your Galaxy device:

  • On your Galaxy device, swipe up to access your app drawer.

App drawer Samsung Galaxy device

  • Search for or find Samsung Wallet.

App info Samsung Wallet

  • Once you find it, long-tap the app.
  • Tap Uninstall.
  • Confirm you want to uninstall it by hitting Ok.

Uninstall Samsung Wallet

Once you’ve completed that procedure, you will no longer need to use or utilize Samsung Wallet while the app isn’t running. However, of course, you could continue to install it through Google Play Store, Google Play Store, or the Galaxy Store on your smartphone.

Whatever method you choose, any of these strategies are suitable to remove Samsung Wallet from your device, mainly if you use GPay more frequently. However, that doesn’t mean Samsung Wallet isn’t a handy application. It’s all dependent on personal your personal preference.


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