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It is now possible to preorder the 2022 model of the MacBook Air

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Preorders are now open to purchase the M2 model. The 2022 MacBook Air with a modern design, MagSafe charging, M2 processor, and a slightly larger display is scheduled to be available for preorders, priced at 1,199.

Preorders have started, and all orders are expected to arrive on July 15th on a Friday. If you have a tricky getting online to preorder your delivery (preorders do not typically sell out; however, the dates for shipping are usually delayed very quickly), Here’s a suggestion Try placing your order online before 8 AM ET on the launch day on July 15th. You can also have your order set for in-store pickup.

2022 MacBook Air
(Image credit: Apple)

The launch of this model follows that of the 2022 MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar that had the distinction of being Apple’s first laptop to feature its M2 processor. Regarding how the M2 performs Monica Chin, my coworker’s review concluded that it’s more efficient than the M1 and battery life in normal use conditions (even when using system-intensive applications) remains impeccable.


It is now possible to preorder the 2022 model of the MacBook Air.


The base model, priced at $1199, comes with the M2 processor (eight-core CPU and eight-core GPU) and 8GB RAM, and an SSD with 256GB. As with the higher-end model detailed here, the model comes with a 13.6-inch display with a webcam that is 1080p, an electronic MagSafe 3.0 charging port, two Thunderbolt, and USB four ports. This model stands out because it includes a USB-C power adapter that can run 30W.

The upgraded model costs $1,499 and includes an M2 processor (eight-core CPU, but with ten-core GPU), 8GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD. It comes with parallel ports and features to that one above. However, it has the option of a 35W dual USB-C adapter (so you can charge two devices simultaneously) or the more powerful USB-C power adapter that is 67W without additional costs.


For the model with a lower price of $1199, you can move up to an upgraded processor with a higher GPU core number (10 cores, compared to eight cores)) for just $100.

Upgrading to 16GB RAM costs $200, and 24GB (the highest upgrade) is $400, on top of the base cost.

For storage, the latest MacBook Air supports up to 2TB, but it will cost quite some. Increasing the storage capacity to 512GB in the base model will cost $200. 1TB is $400, while 2TB costs $800 more.

The price for the storage upgrade is as follows: $200 to increase the storage capacity to 512GB, then 1TB, and $600 for going to 2TB.

If the 35W USB-C dual port adapter or the 67W USB-C fast charger are included in Apple’s $ 1,499 MacBook Air, it’s a 20-dollar upsell at the moment of purchase if you’re buying a $1,199 MacBook Air. It’s not too an issue, considering Apple will sell them the adapters for just $59.

If you want to make the most of a MacBook Air’s capabilities, the price will be $2,499, including tax.

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