We came here with interesting daily new projects they can inspire you our goal is to make it completely low cost i.e cost-efficient so anyone can easily afford it. Today we are here to show you how you can easily make JCB bulldozer  with the help of medical (syringe) and cardboard or you can use any kind of plastic boards if you follow our steps you can make it in less than 30 minutes.

Working of JCB bulldozer DIY home craft:

Here we will show you a simple way to make follow us accordingly make sure to have the exact number of components as shown in the lists.

Step 1 for JCB bulldozer:

The first step is to arrange a board or any piece of plastic and cut it as shown in the figure below this portion will be your initial body of your bulldozer.

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Cutting boards

Now Cut more pieces accordingly our goal is to give a dashing look to our bulldozer as shown below.

Giving Shape

Step 2 for JCB bulldozer :

This is an important step we need the following boards that should be cut accordingly one Pepsi cane for pulling the mud and some syringe for suck and pump as shown below make each item in fix length so that you won’t face any difficulties.

Components and Item Required

Now we have to paste some glue to cover up its bottom as shown in the figure below.

Pasting Glue

After pasting the glue now put it on the item you have already crop according to the figure above.

Now Paste more glue as shown in the figure below also it is important to crop pieces from the board as shown here.

Cropping and pasting glue

Attach all the crop boards in fix sizes and length and fix space so that it can be shown like this.

Attach Small pieces

Now cut some other pieces as well and do repeat the previous step according as shown below.

Other pieces

You are done with step 2.

Step 3 for JCB bulldozer:

Now arrange two syringes and joints and one nut as shown in the figure below.

This syringe will be used to pump and dump the liquid which can also be used to lift the cage of the bulldozer.

Syringe and nuts

Cover the syringe with any instrument if available as shown below.

Covering syringe

Again repeat the above for both the syringes as shown below.

Both Syringes

Step 4 for JCB bulldozer;

Now attach the two hands to the bulldozer as shown below.

Attach hands to the bulldozer

Now use the toothpick or any other to cover these two hands so that it can be fixed.

Use toothpicks to Cover

make sure that it should look like this.

Now repeat the steps for the syringe as shown below.


Again use toothpicks and transfer it from the nuts as shown below.

Now attach one of the syringe to the hands of the bulldozer as shown below.

Step 5:

Now we will use Pepsi cane for lifting as shown below attach the icecreams sticks for the attachment.

Now attach another syringe to the Pepsi cane as shown.

Now we will use water or any other liquid that will be injected to the syringe as I have used ink based water for attraction.

Make sure to fill one syringe full and other just to the starting of the pipe as shown below.

This technique will be used to lifting the hands of the bulldozer.

Step 6:

It will look like this as shown below.



Now we have to make tires make sure to cut the board in fix lengths as shown below.

Making of Tires

Cut circles into pieces as shown below.

Glue it for making the tires.

Now cover the tires by any means you want as I used solution tape for this.


Now drill all the tires as shown below.

The four tires will look like this as shown below.


Now as initially we have drill the tires now attach some syringe head or any other we will attach motors to it as shown in the figure.

Now use Dc motor if you didn’t find it you may contact us we will deliver it to you.

Dc Motor

Now attach Icecream sticks to the Dc motor as shown below.

Now connecting motors to the tires.

Connecting tires

Make sure it looks like this.

Now we connect button in series with the motor one is for forward direction and other for reverse.

As one button is connected for forword and other for reverse direction.

Now glue the motors so that we can attach the body of our bulldozer.

The final shape will look like this as shown.

Thank you for your support.