In this project, we have outline techniques and will show you how the Arduino MATLAB interface works with an example as well all the stepwise procedure is shown if you follow all the steps you will 100% achieve it in simple steps.

Arduino is one of the most easy and favorite for prototype projects who are interesting to find evolution.
On the other hand, Matlab is one of the most professional computing and numerical tool used by almost anyone including scientists and engineers.
If you want to interface Arduino with Matlab then it will be much interesting for you.
You can make professional things easy with interfacing Arduino with Matlab.

How Arduino MATLAB Interface Works?

As we use Arduino to upload programs and write programming according to our need to Arduino. but in case if you want to plot data which is coming from different sensors then it will waste your time or it is very difficult and will be a time-consuming task so in such case we take help from MATLAB.

MATLAB delivers many such obstacles in Arduino programming With the help of two types of methods as shown below.

  • writing Reading, and examining data from Sensors Emerging
  • Algorithms that operate as a standalone program on Arduino

If you want to achieve this, we need an extra package for MATLAB which is also known as MATLAB support package for our Arduino. 

Installing MATLAB Support Package for Arduino

Now follow the stepwise procedure to install the MATLAB support package for our Arduino.
Firstly, start the Matlab application when it gets ready to go to the Resources tab as shown in the figure below, and then go to Add-ons and select the Get hardware Support Packages option.

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Interface Arduino with Matlab

When you click on the Add-on, you will then get different options on how to install the package i.e either from the internet or from a file that you have already downloaded in your pc then click that option according to my case I have selected to install it from the internet.
Wait for it.

Interface Arduino with Matlab

In case you got an error as shown below don’t worry and try again by clicking install through the internet.

Interface Arduino with Matlab

When everything is done you will get the list of all the available support packages.
Select Arduino and check the Matlab Support package.
There are some packages of Arduino support packages but we will deal with it later.

Interface Arduino with Matlab

Now after everything is done the Matlab application will ask you to log in to the Mathworks account if you don’t have an account make sure to make it one it’s not that big deal it only requires 2 to 3 minutes to make on. accept the license terms and conditions and download the package as shown in the below figure.

Interface Arduino with Matlab

When you log in to the Mathworks account click the install button now sit back and relax your installation is under process.

The downloading is in process in case you got an error don’t worry try it again.

Here you go.

All done.

Interfacing Arduino with MATLAB and Testing the Support Package

When your installation process is done for MATLAB, now we will have a look at how we can interface it with MATLAB.
Connect Your Arduino with your computer which is running MATLAB.
open command window and you can use commands anyone of them make sure to use that one which gives you output.

a = arduino () OR a=arduino;

You will see the Arduino connected with your PC will start blinking the LED as shown below.

The above step will create a connection with your Arduino with MATLAB which returns the properties of the Arduino Board like COM ports name of your Arduino in the screenshot below.

in case if you have connected more than one Arduino then use this command.

a = arduino (‘com8’, ’Mega2560’)

NOTE: You must have to clear the variable ‘a’ using the command ‘clear a’.

Applications of Arduino MATLAB Interface

Application of Arduino interface with MATLAB

  • If you want to interface Arduino MATLAB interface, we can get data from the sensor and plot its different graphs on the screen with the help of Matlab.
  • We can easily create a GUI for controlling our Arduino projects with the help of MATLAB.
  • Image processing and other professional projects can be done with the help of Arduino when interfacing with MATLAB.
  • Some of the projects like autonomous cars, brakes control, and color detection can be done with the help of MATLAB.