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How to get Supple Piel in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

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fatima khan
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MH Rise: Sunbreak’s Supple Piel is a new material needed to craft some armor and weapons. Supple Piel can only be harvested from one type of small monster in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Here’s the best way to farm Supple Piel.
Supple Piel Sunbreak Description: A flexible, elastic hide from a Leviathan. A useful material that requires effort to obtain.
How to Get Supple Piel in Sunbreak
You can only find Supple Piel by carving the small monster Zamite in the Frost Islands on Master Rank quests or expeditions. Zamite are small shark-like creatures that are technically the juvenile form of the large monster Zamtrios, which doesn’t appear in Monster Hunter Rise at all.
Zamite come in a few sizes: So small it can latch onto you, and as large as your usual carnivorous small monster. The smaller Zamite can be difficult to spot slightly submerged in the water of the Frost Islands, so keep your eyes pieled. There’s a 35 percent chance you’ll carve Supple Piel from any sized Zamite, so it shouldn’t take too long to find once you know where to look.
Zamite can be found in a few zones in the Frost Islands, but the watery dark blue area between 4 and 5 during the day is definitely the best place to find Zamite. You can also find Zamite on the watery path leading from 8 to 10, and even in 11. See the map below for reference.

Supple Piel Uses

Supple Piel is used in Sunbreak to craft certain Master Rank armor sets and Layered Armor sets, including but not limited to:
  • Barioth Vambraces X
  • Edel X Set
  • Makluva X Set

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