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Raft: The Final Chapter; How to find the Raft Temperance code

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fatima khan
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The Raft Temperance code is pretty easy to figure out if you need to know what to look for. However, you’ll need the code to access the safe inside the Observatory and progress the story, so it’s not something you can skip either. This guide will walk you through what you need to do to solve this tricky puzzle.

The raft has been in Early Access for a while, and the open-world survival adventure was fully released on June 20, along with a new update, The Final Chapter. Temperance is one of the new destinations available, so you’ve likely come across this puzzle while exploring the snow-covered island. Here’s the Raft Temperance code and how to solve the Observatory puzzle if you want to figure it out yourself. 

How to solve the Raft Observatory puzzle 

Both the safe and the items you need to solve the puzzle to get into it are inside the Temperance Observatory. As you approach, the floor will give way, so you’ll need to swim through a cavern and climb a ladder to access the building. Once inside, you should look for four notes on the different floors, each depicting a constellation.

The third floor houses the telescope and the safe, and you’ll notice hints of the solution on the walls. These pictures show constellations and corresponding numbers. To figure out the code for the safe, look at each of the four notes you picked up and find the corresponding constellation using the telescope. 

The constellations you’re looking for are:

  • Bird
  • Pufferfish
  • Hook
  • Raft

Once you’ve found them, count the number of stars for each, and you’ve got your code. 


How To Solve The Raft Temperance Code

The Temperance location is a storied island in the polar region of the map, so you will need to visit it during the main story to finish the game. To get to the Temperance puzzle and access the safe, you must approach the large Observatory, but the floor will collapse underneath you as you approach. From here, you will need to swim through a cave and find a ladder that leads into the Observatory itself.

Across the Observatory floors, you will need to look for four little notes that depict different constellations. Once you have collected all of these, head to the third floor, where you can find a telescope and the safe you want to open. This means it’s time for the puzzle solving, so you can figure out the Raft Temperance code. 

How To Solve The Raft Temperance Code constellations

Using the telescope and the notes you picked up (located in your notebook), find the corresponding constellation and count the number of stars in each, producing the four-digit code. The four codes you’ll be looking for are a birdpufferfishhook, and a raft – plus, they are ordered in your notebook, so you know which order to find each digit. (via ggrecon)

Raft Temperance code solution 

Perhaps you’d rather see the code instead of messing around with constellations, or you just want to confirm you’ve got the correct answer. Whatever the reason, I’ve got you covered.

The Raft Temperance code is:

  • 5964

Input the code into the keypad on the front of the safe, and it will swing open, rewarding you with the Selene Key, Vending Machine tokens, and a blueprint. 



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