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How to find Goldlite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

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fatima khan
fatima khan
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If you’ve picked up Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, chances are you’ll want to get your hands on some Goldlite Ore. The new expansion introduces new features, armour and weapons and, of course, new crafting materials you’ll need to gather in order to make them.

If you’re just starting out, our Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak tips will help make your journey that much easier, and we have a breakdown of every new Sunbreak monster so that you can plan your slaying accordingly. If you’ve got your heart set on finding some of the new resources, however, this guide is just what you need. Here’s where to find Sunbreak Goldlite Ore.

Sunbreak Goldlite Ore: Where to find it 

Goldlite Ore is found in the Sandy Plains (Master Rank) region and can be mined from nodes all around the area. The nodes themselves are pretty easy to spot against their surroundings, and you can see the location of at least one mining outcrop on the map below.

(Image credit: Capcom)
(Image credit: Capcom)

You should explore the area thoroughly as the nodes are often tucked away in corners and can be easy to overlook. You can venture into the area either during a hunt or via an expedition—just be aware that you must have progressed through the campaign far enough to unlock Master Rank to find Goldlite Ore.

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