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How To Disable Google Discover On Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

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fatima khan
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By default, the screen to the left of the home screen on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 will have Google Discover. This is the case on most smartphones actually. But unlike most smartphones, Samsung does allow you to remove and turn off Google Discover, or switch to Samsung Free (which is basically the same thing, but from Samsung). So for those that don’t want to use Google Discover, this is a perfect Feature.

So today, we are going to show you how you can disable Google Discover on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. It’s pretty simple. But first, let’s talk about what Google Discover actually is.

What is Google Discover?

Google Discover has undergone various name changes over the year. Some might remember when it was called “Google Now” and had more than just news articles.

These days, Google Discover is a feed of curated news articles and videos that Google delivers to your mobile device. This is curated based on what you’ve read, what you’ve searched for and such. Sometimes you’ll see new articles, but if you’ve been researching a topic, you may see some pretty old articles there too. As well as threads from Reddit. It’s a cool Feature, but definitely not for everyone.

How to disable Google Discover on Galaxy Z Fold 4

  • Long-press on the home screen.
  • Then swipe over to the left screen.

Screenshot 20220906 090502 One UI Home Medium

Now you’ll see an option to choose Google Discover or Samsung Free. But at the top, there’s a toggle for turning off this page entirely. Tap on that.

Screenshot 20220906 090510 One UI Home Medium

Now when you go home and try to swipe over to that page, nothing will happen. And that’s it. That’s how you can disable Google Discover on the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

You can repeat these steps to re-enable it, or switch over to Samsung Free from Google Discover, which some like better.

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