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How do you manage your Android TV via Google Home app

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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Android TV and Google TV are great options to stream games, stream media on clouds, or turn your television into an interactive fireplace. Well, probably both of them. Did you realize that you could use smartphones as remote controls on Google TV or Android TV? Here’s how.

Am I able to have the capability to connect my phone to stream both Android TV and Google TV?

It is essential to know it is true that Google TV and Android TV are the same. Google TV is the latest edition of Google’s stream operating system, and Android TV has been used for quite a while. As it stands today, Google TV is the best operating system you can install on your TV because it is more likely to recommend fresh content.

In any scenario, you can use your smartphone as a remote like you do. All you need is an app known as Google Home, the Google Home app on your Android device, and the Android TV or another device that supports Google TV capability linked via the Google Account through the Google Home application.

Utilize Google Home, the Google Home app, to control the settings of your Android TV

The simplest method to control the remote control on your Android TV and Google TV is to install the remote control accessible settings tile on the latest Android gadgets. But, you could also use any iOS or Android smartphone to manage your Android TV and Google TV. Here’s how to do it: 

  • If you own an Android phone, you can start Google Home on your device. Google Home app.

  • Find your television within the device list. Tap it.

  • You can locate the open remote button to the lower right of the screen. Tap it.

  • Enter the code which appears on your TV when asked.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll observe a remote layout at the top of the screen. Swipe left or right, upwards, and downwards to choose different buttons, then tap which ones you’d like to utilize. If you prefer a D-pad, it is possible to change your layout by using the menu of three dots on the upper right-hand side and pressing the D-pad buttons.

It is possible to press the home button at the lower right of the screen to take you directly home, or click the back button and go back to your home page. Additionally, there are volume controls at the bottom of the screen for easy management of the volume.

The most exciting feature is Google Assistant is accessible right on the TV’s screen. Click on the Google Assistant button and ask questions about shows, movies, or other general queries. After using the TV, hit the power button in the upper right corner to shut off your Android TV. It will be closed.

In the final analysis, the feature offered by Google Home is excellent. The Google Home app is a valuable tool to use. Even though it’s only a few steps away from you, it can be a fantastic alternative to searching through the couch cushions in search of the remote.

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