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How do you modify your autofill password settings on Android?

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With the many services for managing passwords available, choosing one as the default autofill service for the Android device is tempting. Our experience has led to bugs after bugs with third-party password management services. This guide will assist you in modifying settings on your Pixel or Samsung device’s autofill settings for passwords and modifying them according to your preferences.

Table of contents

  • What is the password autofill feature on Android?
  • Which apps does Android’s autofill Feature work with?
  • Modifying your autofill settings on your Android device
  • On Pixel
  • On Samsung Galaxy
  • Conclusion

What is the password autofill feature on Android?

Google is the only company with a password manager similar to the one you are familiar with using Google Chrome. The passwords in Google Password Manager are stored in the cloud, so they are accessible across different devices, including those on your Android phone. On Android, this identical password management tool is powered by Google Play services and has an exclusive user interface, even though the backend functions are the same.

If autofill for passwords is enabled within your preferences, you’ll be able to effortlessly access your passwords through numerous websites and apps on an Android device. By simply opening an application and then beginning the process of logging in, the autofill feature allows you to choose your credentials and then fill in your details automatically so that you don’t need to write out your passwords. This is useful when you have strong passwords using random letters, symbols, and numbers.

Which apps does Android’s autofill Feature work with?

Google’s autofill password feature is not restricted to Google’s password management. Autofill can pull from a variety of applications which include well-known ones like LastPass as well as 1Password. If you sign into these apps and fill them with anything from a couple of to hundred passwords, you can choose them from Android’s autofill settings. This lets you quickly access your passwords regardless of the app you use to save the passwords.

Sometimes, however, using a third-party application can lead to issues. For example, LastPass has been a favorite of mine for a long time. Recently it has been refusing to work with the autofill feature of Android. What’s been observed is that opening an app and logging in will instantly launch the LastPass application, pulling you out of the application you had been in.

Usually, it would be okay if I wanted to log in using previously saved credentials. However, the communication between LastPass and the autofill feature on the Android part hasn’t been good, and creating an account on the app triggers LastPass to prevent you from logging in and making you sign up.

This isn’t an everyday issue. However, it could cause people to switch from third-party services and use Google’s default password manager instead.

Modifying your autofill settings on your Android device

Whichever password-saving program you’d like to use, whether a third-party app or Google‘s, you can quickly switch to the default password autofill application within your Android phone’s settings. Here’s how you can change the password autofill settings for the Pixel and your Samsung Galaxy device.

On Pixel

  1. In your Google Pixel, go to the settings by tapping twice (or using two fingers) and then tapping on the setting cog.
  2. Scroll down, then tap Accounts and passwords.
  3. Under the autofill services, select the service that is listed.
  4. Select a website that you’d prefer to utilize.
  5. Verify that you believe in the service and click OK.

On Samsung Galaxy

  1. For your Samsung device, go to settings by sliding down and tapping the settings button.
  2. Scroll down, then tap General management.
  3. Tap to enter passwords and then fill in the blanks automatically.
  4. Under the Autofill feature, Tap the active service.
  5. Select the service you’d prefer to use.
  6. Make sure you can believe in the application.



That’s it! After you’ve selected the new option, it will prompt you by the app to choose whether or not you wish to fill in passwords automatically when you log into the application. It’s been mentioned that the third-party application isn’t always a perfect solution as it may have issues. Instead of going with the simplest method, we recommend using Google’s password-saving feature.

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