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How To Change Your Status in Discord

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Aizaz khan
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Your Discord status tells you whether you are busy or AFK. It’s possible to change your status on the Discord website or desktop app for Windows, Mac, or mobile app for Android or iPhone.

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You can change your Discord Status in Windows or Mac.

  • To change your Discord status, you must sign in to your account on the Discord website, the desktop app for Windows or Mac.
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  • Open the Discord website, or desktop app, then sign in to Discord. You’ll find your username, profile icon, and the current status at the bottom of the screen.
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  • To view the complete list of statuses, click on your profile icon.
    There are four preset statuses that you can choose from by default.
    If you are online, you are available to chat and play. You can change your status from “Online” to “Idle” to indicate that you are unavailable.
  • Setting your status to “Do Not Disturb” will disable notifications and show others you are busy. You can change your status to “Invisible” to hide from the online user group. However, Discord will still allow you to chat and use Discord as usual.
  • Select the option that you wish to change your Discord status across all accounts instantly.
  • You can click “Settle a Custom Status” to create your status. This will appear under your username in Discord’s channel lists.
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  • You can choose how long your custom status message will appear in the “Clear After” drop-down menu.
  • You can set your status icon by selecting the Emoji icon. 
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  • You can either use one of the Discord emojis or add a customized one in your status update. You can even use Custom Server Emojis if you have Discord Nitro or Nitro Classic!
  • Click “Save” when you are happy with your custom status. It doesn’t matter if you select a preset or custom status; it will immediately be updated.
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  • Enter your custom status and click the Clear after menu for a time frame.
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Note: Custom statuses are automatically deleted after one day, but you can change their expiry time to make them last longer or shorter.

  •  When you’re done, click Save!
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Note: It would be best if you had an active Nitro subscription to use custom status with global emotes from Twitch.

Clear or Edit your status

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  • Also, please note (I know there are many notes) that custom statuses can override any status activity in the member’s list of DM list. However, your status activities will still be visible in your complete profile.
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Modify your Discord Status on Android or iPhone.

You can also modify your status using the Discord mobile application on Android or iPhone. Open the Discord app on your tablet or phone.

1. To access your User Setup, press on the icon in the lower right corner of your app.

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2. To access your status settings, press the Set Status button.

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3. If you prefer to set a custom status, tap “Set a Status” instead.

Type status in “Set A Custom Status” under the “Custom Status” menu. To select a group, tap the emoji beside it. Your custom status (text and emojis) will now be displayed below your username in the Discord channel user list.

source discord

4. Click on the Emoji to add an emoji and type your custom status message into the Status Text Box.

source discord

5. For your custom status, set a timeframe. You can choose how long you would like the status message to appear below: 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, or up until tomorrow.
Select “Don’t Clear” if you don’t wish your status to be cleared at all.

source discord

6. When you’re done, press Save. Your status will be applied immediately.

source discord

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