AmazonHow to Cancel Amazon Prime (and When a New...

How to Cancel Amazon Prime (and When a New Free-Trial Kicks In)


Amazon Prime isn’t cheap. While Amazon offers a free 30-day trial (opens in new tab), after that you’re on the hook for $139 a year. So if you’re wondering how to cancel Amazon Prime, you’ve come to the right place. 

First, let’s break down what you get with Prime. The service gives you access to ultra-fast shipping, exclusive Amazon Deals, and a huge variety of Prime member benefits. The perks run the gamut from access to Prime Video to discounts at Amazon-owned Whole Foods. But if you don’t want to pay for Prime, here’s how to go about cancelling your membership. Just remember, Prime Day Deals will be here soon, so you’ll want to save any free trials for that month. (Follow our when is Prime Day coverage for the latest leaks on the date).

How to cancel Amazon Prime: End your membership

Prime cancellation screenshot

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If you’ve decided you want to cancel your Prime membership, you can do so by clicking the End Membership button on the left side of the Manage Prime Membership Page. You’ll find the link right below where your renewal date is listed.

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Aizaz khan
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