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How do you turn captions on and off on Instagram?

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Aizaz khan
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Instagram now comes with auto-generated captions. This means that it can auto-transcribe videos you stream within the app.
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How to turn captions on and off in Instagram

 However, before you can see captions appearing on the app, you’ll need to turn on the feature first. It’s the same for posting videos that have captions.

Before we begin, It’s important to note that captions automatically generated by auto are accessible in 17 languages at the date when this article was written: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Vietnamese, Italian, German, Turkish, Russian, Thai, Tagalog, Urdu, Malay, Hindi, Indonesian, and Japanese. Instagram is planning to add support for additional languages shortly.

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This article will show you how to turn captions off and off on Instagram on both iPhone and Android regardless of whether you wish to view videos that have captions or plan to upload an Instagram video that has captions.

You can turn off or on captions on all the videos within your feed.

Instagram’s auto-generated captions are disabled by default. If you’d like to enable captions for each video you see on your feed, you’ll need to tweak one setting. Repeat these steps to switch off captions.

  • Click your profile in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Click the hamburger menu on the upper right corner of the screen and select Settings.
  • Log into your account > Captions. Then, toggle on the Captions option to on. You can switch on the Captions option again when you’d like to disable them.

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Select “Captions” from your account settings.




Toggle “Captions” on or off.

Add captions to one video.

If you don’t wish to have captions on every video that you view, you may choose to enable captions on only one video. This is how you can do it:

  • Tap three dots in the upper right corner of the video.
  • If the video has captions If it does, you’ll see a menu that reads “Manage Captions.”
  • Switch onto Captions. Captions option.

Choose “Manage captions.”

Switch on or off the “Captions” option on or off.

Making a video and posting captions

The auto-generated features of Instagram are helpful for creators, too, because you don’t have to translate your videos and then apply caption overlays. You can follow these directions to switch captions off or on while making your post:

  • Start by uploading a short video from your gallery or taking one from within Instagram.
  • After you’ve completed making any edits, click advanced settings on the main menu before uploading your video.
  • Under Accessibility Under Accessibility, the toggle turns the option to turn the Show Captions option either on or off.

Choose “Advanced settings.”

toggling “Show captions” on or off.

If you do not switch on captions before you upload a video, you’ll be able to make it happen at a later time.

  • Make sure you tap the three dots on the upper-right edge of the video. Then, press to edit.
  • On Android, choose the option to remove captions to turn them off. On an iPhone, click the Advanced settings and then switch the captions option to turn it off or on.

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