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Game controller

Mobile gaming has seen a massive increase in recent years, as smartphones have become ever more robust to run more advanced games. When mobile gaming first began, games were entirely controlled by touch, but as they’ve grown more complex and moved into different genres of gaming and genres, touch-based controls did not suffice.

A lot of more advanced games allow players to play with the controls with a touch, like mobile battle royals such as¬†the PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds¬†and¬†Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier. Still, onscreen buttons clog up crucial space and don’t provide the tactile feedback that’s the most appealing aspect of playing with the mobile controller.

The purchase of the Backbone or Riot mobile controller¬†isn’t necessarily mean it’s the best option for people who wish to play in the field. If you own the Xbox controller, either the Series X/S model or its Xbox One design, it is easy to pair it with an iPhone.

Game controller
iphone game controller

Connecting Xbox Controllers and iPhones

However, connecting an Xbox controller with an iPhone is essentially the same step as connecting an Xbox controller to the console with a few tweaks.

  1. Switch on the controller.
  2. Note: iPhones can connect to any wireless Xbox controller after the release of the Xbox One.
  3. Press the pair button at the upper part of the controller just below the left bumper. Hold it till the Xbox button begins flashing.
  4. Start your iPhone’s Settings app, and then go to the Bluetooth tab.
  5. Be sure that Bluetooth is turned on. Otherwise, you’ll not be able to connect.
  6. On the bottom part of your screen, you’ll find the name you entered for the Xbox wireless controller beneath”Other Devices. “Other Devices” section.
  7. Enter the controller’s name into the Bluetooth settings. The Controller’s Xbox button should stop blinking, and the controller becomes connected.
  8. Be aware that some games may not recognize that the controller is connected until it is asked to do so in the settings. Review its settings and ensure that controller support is activated if the controller is in use, but the game isn’t responding to its inputs.