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How can you charge other devices using your Google Pixel 6


The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro quickly became the top phones to beat after they came out. I have the Pixel 6 Pro and have discovered it to be an accurate, powerful device with the best camera, fast and smooth performance, and a battery that lasts for the entire day.

There aren’t many phones or devices that can truly claim this last feature. Many phones promise all-day battery power, but only a few have lived up to their promises. The two phones I have that can meet that promise include the Pixel 6 Pro and the OnePlus 10 Pro.

One feature that Pixel 6 offers (that was first introduced in conjunction with Pixel 5) Pixel 5) is the possibility of charging other devices that support wireless charging. This feature is known as Battery Share, and it works as expected. In actuality, before my wife switched to Pixel 6, I had to (on numerous occasions) recharge her old Pixel 4 (which had a poor battery) using the Pixel 6. Some of those times occurred at the most inconvenient times when her storm was set to go out during an urgent phone conversation.

Anyone in a similar situation knows how useful it is to have another device to draw some much-needed energy from.

I’ll show you how to activate this Battery Share feature in the Pixel 6 Pro. This process is similar to Pixel 6, Pixel 6, and Pixel 5.

As you’d probably anticipate hearing, Battery Share drains your device’s battery more quickly than it would do without the feature. This is why you shouldn’t be shocked when you give the other instruments a brief boost, but yours doesn’t have the power to last until the day’s finish. For that reason, make use of battery Share wisely.

Enabling Battery Share

The Notification Shade is swiping down two times, and then click the Gear icon. This will start the Settings app. In Settings, the battery tab, click on it, and in the window that opens ( Figure 1), Tap Battery Share.


google pixel

In the next window (Figure B), tap the ON/OFF slider until it’s in the ON position to enable the feature.

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Once you’ve activated the feature, ensure that you adjust the stop slider until you have a sensible percentage to determine when to end Battery Share. From the beginning, the default is 50 percent which is the maximum percentage you can set ( Figure C). I would not fix it any lower than the default setting; if you do, you could risk being in the process of running out of battery.

google pixel

Using Battery Share

For charging other gadgets that use Battery Share, all you must do is put the device at the back of your phone. At that point, the second device will indicate that it is charging.

Disable the feature.

After you’ve charged your device, it is recommended to deactivate the feature. Otherwise, anyone could put their devices on your phone, draining your battery.

In this case, you can use the Quick Tile option to select whether or not to activate the feature directly within the Notification Shade.

To include the Quick Tile to Battery Share, pull down the Notification Shade twice, and then press the pencil symbol just to the right of the button to power ( Figure D).

google pixel

Locate the Battery Share Quick Tile (Figure E) and drag it to the top of the window to add it to the Notification Shade. 

google pixel

Once you’ve done that, tap the left-pointing arrow at the top of the display and the Battery Share tile can then be accessed from the Quick Tile section of the Notification Shade (Figure F).

google pixel

Congratulations, you can now help out a friend, family member, or co-worker with enough charge to last them through a phone call or meeting. Don’t you feel empowered?

Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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