Apple has launched its well-known audio system for homes HomePod mini is available in more areas, including Belgium, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.
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HomePod Mini to be launched in Switzerland, Netherlands and Belgium.

The various colors of the smart speaker are available for purchase in the regions mentioned starting on March 8. In Switzerland, the price is 99 CHF, and in Europe, in the Netherlands and Belgium, the cost is 99 euros.

HomePod mini HomePod Mini is the smaller version of the larger-sized HomePod. It was released in November 2020 and was planned to complement in conjunction with the HomePod. But the original HomePod was discontinued in the last few months, as was the mini, which left to serve as the only Apple smart speaker available in the line-up.

The HomePod mini was initially launched in just two colors, white and black, when it was found in the year 2020. However, Apple has added additional color options that include yellow, blue and orange in the fall of 2021. In terms of performance, the mini functions in the same way as the original HomePod and has Siri support.

HomePod Software Update 15.4 is also Available for Download

Apple has announced software update 15.4 for both HomePod and HomePod mini. HomePod Mini. This is the latest information and how to download it now.

HomePod and HomePod mini has been updated to the most recent 15.4 Version of the Software. Here’s What’s New Today

Apple has announced a series of software updates. Apple also has released the software update 15.4 that is available for HomePod and HomePod mini owners. It includes some new features. The details on the latest features in this article:

Version 15.4 allows you to connect your HomePod to Wi-Fi networks that require additional sign-in steps similar to those provided by dorms and hotels. The update also includes Siri speech recognition for Dutch (Belgium, Netherlands) and French (Belgium). This update also includes stability and performance enhancements.

After you’ve got finished, Let us show you how to download and install the most recent version once you’re in a position to do so without any delay to occur:

  • Open your¬†Home¬†app on your iPhone, iPad, iPhone or Mac.
  • Touch the little¬†icon to go”home”¬†in the lower right-hand corner.
  • Tap on¬†Home Settings.
  • Scroll down, and you’ll come across¬†it. It’s the update for the Software.¬†Click it.
  • If you’re in the position to view the latest 15.4 updates, click to apply it.

We strongly recommend upgrading all your HomePod speakers whenever you can. Not just for updates to features but also stability and performance improvements.

Apple pulled the larger HomePod, but it’s nice to see it receive updates up to the present. In the future, Apple will end providing support software for the speaker and open the space for new devices (hopefully). Still, the latest software update proves that Apple is famous for its technical support.